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The following companies, organizations, grouped in three categories (Gold Sponsor, Silver Sponsor, Sponsor), are currently supporting the World's Poultry Science Journal by means of financial sponsorship. Their generous help is gratefully acknowledged.

Honorary Journal Sponsor

Honorary Journal Sponsor

Gordon Rosen pictureVolume 33 - Number 4 (November 1977) issue of the World’s Poultry Science Journal carried the announcement that Dr Gordon Rosen was the Journal’s first sponsor. The very positive idea (Dr Rosen’s) of having companies and individuals provide financial support to defray journal production costs was described as the ‘Sponsorship Scheme’ by Editor R.F. Gordon. The initial idea was that sponsors could opt for levels of support based on ‘units,’ one unit being one hundred British pounds.
Although Dr Wade Brant had yet to be elected Treasurer of WPSA, that would happen the following summer, I believe plans were under way for Dr Brant to be nominated. Dr George Jaap would be retiring as Treasurer in 1978 after 20 years of service. As your current Treasurer, I had the pleasure of learning much about the inner WPSA workings of this period from the late Drs Brant and A.W. Jasper. Dr Brant told me many times that Dr Rosen approached him about the sponsorship idea. He told Dr Brant that with a sponsorship in hand, Dr Brant could approach the large poultry companies. He advised Dr Brant, ‘You tell them that if little Gordon Rosen can provide a sponsorship, surely your big company can as well.’ And it worked. Today’s Journal has so much of its production costs defrayed through the support of individuals, poultry companies, and companies that make up the allied poultry industries.
Through the years, Dr Brant, in collaboration with fellow WPSA officers, created the system of Journal sponsorship and advertising. The number of sponsors grew significantly and advertisers were slowly added. This was achieved through the tireless efforts of our former Secretary, Dr Piet Simons, and current Secretary, Dr Roel Mulder.
Dr Rosen is best known in his working life as the key person regarding anti-biotic (a term he has always tried to improve) applications in animal feed in the 1970’s.
For nearly 40 years Dr Rosen has remained the Journal’s most dedicated supporter. He has always been a champion of WPSA and made annual donations toward increasing the membership of WPSA.
At the recent WPSA Board meeting in Bergamo, Italy it was unanimously agreed to honour Dr Rosen as Founding Journal Sponsor. This title will appear in every issue of the Journal as a lasting tribute to this great poultry nutritionist and stalwart supporter of WPSA. This special “thank you” is arguable overdue, but nevertheless richly deserved.

Dr Francine Bradley
Dr Lucy Waldron


Gold Sponsors


aviagen turkeys   ceva dlg eurotier
Aviagen Ltd   Ceva Santé Animale DLG
dsm masterlogo 100x100 innovat marel poultry 2023 moba

DSM Nutrition
Products Ltd

 Innovad Marel Poultry B.V. Moba B.V.
msd animal health novus 2017 100x100 victam viv
 MSD Animal Health Novus International Victam B.V. VIV International
VNU Exhibitions Europe

Silver Sponsors

 adisseo 100x100 biochek   cobb  evonik
Adisseo BioChek B.V.  Cobb-Vantress Inc .Evonik Operations GmbH
 hubbard 2  meyn nabel  vencomatic.jpg
Hubbard S.A.S. Meyn Food Processing
Technology B.V.
Nabel Co. Ltd Phytobiotics

Bronze Sponsor

delacon 2021 hamlet 100x100 jamesway 2021 100x100 lohmann tz 2017


Hamlet Protein A/S Jamesway Chick Master
Incubator Inc.
Lohmann Breeders
marvesa 100x100  vencomatic.jpg    
Marvesa  Vencomatic Group    


Arbor Acres Nicholas Turkeys, USA
BioResource International, Inc., USA
Cargill Animal Nutrition, USA
Centurion Poultry, Inc., USA
De Heus Koudijs Animal Nutrition, The Netherlands
Gasolec B.V., The Netherlands
Ghen Corporation, Japan
Hato Agricultural Lighting, The Netherlands
Huvepharma N.V. Belgium
Hytem Co., Ltd, Japan
Idexx Laboratories, Inc., USA
Impex Barneveld B.V., Systems for Livestock, The Netherlands
Kuhl Corporation, USA
Merial, USA
Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies, Zeddam, The Netherlands
Perstorp Waspik B.V., The Netherlands
Venkateshwara Hatcheries Ltd, India
WPSA Branch The Netherlands
WPSA Branch Switzerland
Zinpro Corporation, USA

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