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9th French Poultry Research Days

Tours, France, 29-30 May 2011

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X. Malher, M. Simon, V. Charnay, R. Danguy Des Deserts, A. Le Hebel and C. Belloc

P. Dabert, A.-M. Pourcher, C. Ziebal, M. Kervarrec, A. Le Roux, R. Maurice, P. Cotinet, A. Jadas-H

P. Cotinet, J. Hedadj, A.-M. Pourcher, P. Dabert, P.-Y. Communal, A. Jadas-H

ANR project
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A. Dheilly, L. Le Devendec, A. Bouder, G. Hellard, O. Balan, M. Amelot and I. Kempf

D. Vancraeynest, M. Marien, W. Depondt, F. Nerat, G. Fort and M. Naciri

D. Bicout, M. Artois, R. Musseau, O. Caparros and S. Lubac

F. Simon, K. Germain, O. Bain et J. Cabaret

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