Award winners 1996

Winners of the 1996 WPSA Scholarship awards. Left to right: Dr Colin Whitehead on behalf of the Poultry Research Unit at Glasgow University (Education Award), Professor Yoshizane Maeda, Kagoshima Uniersity, Japan (Research Award) and Professor John Summers representing the Canadian Poultry Industry Centre (Industry Award)

To mark the success of the 1992 World's Poultry congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Branch of the World's Poultry Science Association established a series of special scholarship awards. To a large extent this was made possible through the generosity of a number of leading companies in the industry who provided financial sponsorship. The awards, worth Dfl 125 000 (about US$ 14 000) will normally be made in each of three categories representing the WPSA's three main areas of activity: Research, Education and Industry/Organization.

The Research Award is made to a scientist, based on up to five publications in referenced journals, who has made an outstanding contribution in his or her chosen field. Education is interpreted liberally, and contributions may be in the form of books, other publications, instructional films, videos or in the development of training programmes. The Industry/Organization Award is made to an individual or organization making an outstanding contribution to the poultry industry during the five-year period immediately preceding a World Congress. Recipients of the awards or leaders of the group or organization must have been members of the WPSA for at least two years prior to the World's Poultry Congress at which the awards are presented.

The WPSA Scholarship Awards Committee, under the chairmanship of Dr Piet Simons, the President of the WPSA, announced the first group of winners of these awards for 1996 at the World's Poultry Congress in New Delhi.

Research Award

The award for Research went to Professor Yoshizane Maeda from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University in Japan. Throughout his research career Professor Maeda has specialized in Animal Genetics and Breeding. He recently received an award from the Japanese Poultry Science Association for "Genetic studies on protein metabolism of poultry and its application to improvement". His studies have provided valuable information on muscle protein metabolism in poultry and may help in promoting further research to verify the changes of protein metabolism by selective breeding; biochemical mechanisms concerning genetic variation in meat production; biochemical aspects for selection limits in breeding programmes for bodyweight; the interaction between genotype and environment for meat production and the expression of genes related to meat production. In recognition of his outstanding work on this subject and to help continue with his plans for this highly interesting and valuable work, Professor Yoshizane Maeda was awarded the WPSA Research Scholarship for 1996.

Education Award

Over the last 15 years the Poultry Research Group from the Veterinary School at Glasgow University, Scotland, headed by Professor Sally Solomon, has built up a formidable international reputation for their studies of egg shells. This work has considerably advanced the level of understanding of the process of shell formation and its contribution to helping prevent losses from cracked eggs, one of the most costly problems affecting our industry. The benefits of the research carried out by Professor Solomon and her team are being passed on to the industry through a series of Egg Quality Workshops. These workshop programmes comprise a mixture of lectures and hands-on practical work in a course designed to establish a closer liaison and better understanding between research and other aspects of industry. Participants from a variety of backgrounds are able to raise their concerns and exchange ideas with scientists who are leading world authorities in their field. It is in recognition of the valuable contribution this programme is making towards improving the efficiency of the egg production process that the 1996 WPSA Scholarship "Award for Education" was made to the Poultry Group from Glasgow University.

Industry Award

The WPSA Scholarship Award for "Industry" was made to the Poultry Industry Centre for Research and Education, Ontario, Canada. The mission of the Poultry Industry Centre (PIC) is "to provide a focal point through which the industry itself can direct the human, physical and fiscal resources necessary to control its own destiny". The practical roles of the PIC are (i) to raise funds from the industry to support research and education, (ii) to act as a poultry extension service to translate research results into layman's language and deliver the knowledge to the industry at large, and (iii) to promote lifelong learning within the Canadian poultry industry. The Canadian poultry industry now has a focal point identified as the Poultry Industry Centre. the PIC Newsletter is distributed broadly and quoted in trade magazines such as Canada Poultryman, Poultry Digest and Turkey World. The seminars and workshops are well attended by all segments of the industry. Finally, the $158 000 which the PIC has invested in research has served as seed-money to attract complementary grants form corporations and governments worth many times this amount. Professor John Summers from the University of Guelph who is the Technical Advisor to the Centre and the Ontario Poultry Council, accepted the award on behalf of the Poultry Industry Centre.