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meadGeoff Mead obtained a BSc (with Special Honours) in Botany and a PhD in Bacteriology from the University of London. In 1967, he joined the Agricultural Research Council’s new Food Research Institute at Norwich and helped to establish a research group on the safety and quality of poultry meat and eggs that gained an international reputation.

His interest in the microbiological safety of poultry products and in gut-flora manipulation to control carriage of foodborne pathogens in poultry led to his appointment in 1992 as Professor of Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health at the Royal Veterinary College, London, the first post of its kind in the UK. During his career, he was Chairman of WPSA Working Group No. 5 (Meat Quality), President of the European Federation of WPSA Branches and holder of a Temperton Fellowship in Poultry Research.
He was also on various consultative bodies, both national and international, dealing with food-safety issues affecting the Poultry Industry.

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