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blountDr Percy Blount was born in Derby, England, in 1905 and died on 10th July, 1968 while marking examination papers for the National Diploma in Poultry Husbandry.He graduated from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1928, being made a Fellow of the College three years later. This time was spent at the Royal Dick Veterinary College, Edinburgh, during which he became Assistant to the Professor of Anatomy.

After a year as a Veterinary Officer in the Poultry Disease Diagnostic Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture at Weybridge, he became Superintendent of a private Poultry Disease Research establishment in Berkshire. A period of private practice was followed in 1936 by Percy Blount becoming Chief Veterinary Officer for East Sussex County Council. In 1938 he was awarded a PhD by Edinburgh University. After early war service in Europe he became Veterinary Head of the country's Chemical Defence Experimental Station.

Joining the British Oil and Cake Mills in 1946 Dr Blount developed a highly effective poultry disease diagnostic service for the customers of this major feed compounding company. He was conscious of the vital need for more experimentation and testing - especially in the areas of poultry nutrition and feeding and the many facets of husbandry. It was on a field behind his house in Stoke Mandeville, Bucks, and using wood from ex-army packing cases, that in 1946 he established what was to become a very successful and internationally recognised experimental and research farm. During the 1950s the facilities at Stoke Mandeville were greatly expanded and a second research farm set up at Selby, Yorks. Pioneering work was carried out on systems of production and on poultry house ventilation and insulation. It was also the result of Dr Blount's enthusiasm that the first random sample laying tests to operate in the UK were established at both these centres and operated from the mid 1950s to the late 1960s. As the result of his efforts a third experimental farm was set up near Belfast in Northern Ireland. In 1957 he became a Director of British Oil and Cake Mills, London.
Although Dr Blount traveled widely and became known as a highly knowledgeable poultry husbandry expert in many countries, it was particularly within the British Isles that he established his reputation as an accomplished and highly regarded speaker at innumerable conferences. He had an impish sense of humour that deflated many a pompous lecturer. But he was also a precise and highly skilled practitioner in his own field. Within the veterinary profession he held many offices and posts of standing and honour, including President of the British Veterinary Association.
Within the WPSA, Dr Percy Blount was, in 1946, the chief architect of the United Kingdom Branch having propounded the idea of national branches earlier the same year (WPSJ Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 113). It was at this time also the Dr Blount became one of the main advocates of an early post war Congress and was much involved in bringing about the VIIIth Congress in Copenhagen in 1948. Percy Blount was the first President of the United Kingdom Branch of the WPSA and a Vice President of the World Association from 1966 until his death in 1968.
"Bill" Blount was an excellent, stimulating and generous friend who never forgot service he received which were usually repaid many times over. It was characteristic of him that as the chief poultry adviser of an international company the firmness that was often demanded in his business and personal dealings was mediated by full attention to the little courtesies of life.

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