Saturday, September 30, 2023
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May 2023 Newsletter Editor: Prof Avigdor Cahaner


Instead of text reports, branch secretaries will submit links to relevant web-based materials. Consisting of such links, the new format is aimed at more effectively disseminating the scientific and professional activities of WPSA members and branches.

Branch secretaries will collect, from their members, links (URL addresses) to materials such as Open Access papers, recorded lectures and webinars, PowerPoint presentations, web sites of conferences, etc. 
Each submitted link should have a short title reflecting the link's content, allowing readers to easily search the Newsletter (using Ctrl-F) for links of interest (see two examples, below).

We will accept links to websites in any language (considering the availability of web-based translation), but the language (if not English) of the website's contents should be included in the link's title.

WPSA members are encouraged to send, to their branch secretaries, links of relevant new (or updated) websites, as soon as they become available. You can find the list of all WPSA Branch secretaries here.

Branch secretaries should check the collected links and send them, once a month, to the WPSA Newsletter Editor, Avigdor Cahaner.


  1. Screening of pigeons in Zurich reveals continuous circulation of Paramyxovirus-1 and a serious threat of transmission to domestic poultry (
  2. Pakistan WPSA-Branch Newsletter (

Thank you,
Avigdor Cahaner, Newsletter Editor

WPSA Calendar

For all WPSA meetings see the WPSA Calendar

Date: 30 September 2023

Date: 30 September 2023

Expo Center Norte, red pavilion, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: 03 October 2023

Travel Grant Programme

For information about the Travel Grant Programmes click here.


Travel Grants can only be requested for WPSA events.

Only WPSA members can apply.


Travel Grant application forms

Speakers' Bureau Programme

For information about the Speakers' Bureau Programme click here.


Branch Development Proposal

In the Board meeting held during WPC2016 in Beijing, China, the Board decided to increase the funds available for Branch Development by making a formal call for Branch Development Proposals.
The maximum budget for a proposal is US$4,000.

Deadlines for submission are January 1st and July 1st.

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