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June 2016 Newsletter

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Volume 36, June 2016  Newsletter Editor: Dr G.B. Havenstein,  


Executive Committee

President's Report

silva EdirFollowing are conferences activities in which I have recently participated.

WPSA Brazilian Branch Conference (Facta's Conference), 2016: The Facta Conference's theme was ‘Poultry Production and Sustainability’. The Annual Conference of the Brazilian Branch of WPSA, known as Facta's Conference (, was held from 17-19 May 2016 in a Convention Centre inside a shopping mall in the city of Campinas, SP, at Facta's head office; the same venue as in 2015. The programme kept the usual schedule with selected papers presented orally and others by posters. Lectures were performed by invited speakers. As usual, the best papers in four different areas were awarded to stimulate new scientists. We also recognize, by nomination and voting, an outstanding professional that has dedicated a great part of his/her time to technical development of the poultry industry. Besides being the most traditional annual scientific poultry meeting in Brazil, the number of attendees as well as sponsors reduced as a result of the Brazil’s present economic situation. As a member of the scientific committee, and as president of the Brazilian Branch of WPSA, I dedicated part of my time to these duties.

Poultry Summit Europe 2016: This meeting was held on May 16-18, 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. ‘A world without Antibiotics?’ was the theme for this Poultry Summit which was organized by VIV Trade Summits in association with WPSA and IPP. I was invited by the organizers as the President of the WPSA. Delegates from 25 countries were represented. Besides meeting with several attendees, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr Coulibaly Abdrahamane, President of the WPSA Mali Branch. We have exchanged emails after the meeting about the possibility of cooperating with them in a Mali WPSA meeting. This Europe 2016 Summit was very interesting with its content and format. Prof. Ning Yang, president of the WPSA China Branch and of the WPC2016, also attended the Summit. Concerning the WPC2016, Prof. Yang, Dr. Roel Mulder, General Secretary of the WPSA, and myself had a meeting reviewing several ceremonial aspects of the upcoming WPC2016.

2nd International Conference on Livestock Nutrition: This conference will be held on July 21-22, 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. I have been invited to serve as a keynote speaker to deliver a presentation on ‘new advances on feed additives (probiotics and prebiotics) for the replacement of antibiotics as growth promoters’.

Edir N. Silva
WPSA President

Secretary's Report

mulder roel

Board meeting: The annual board meeting will be held 4-5 September 2016 in Beijing, China, during the 25th Worlds Poultry Congress. The Council meeting is planned for 8 September 2016. The latest information on WPC 2016 can be found on and elsewhere in this newsletter.

Council meeting: During the Council meeting officers for the Board will be elected who will serve during the years 2016-2020. Dr Avigdor Cahaner, Israel, chair of the Nominating Advisory Committee started the work of this Committee, whose primary task was to come forward with a list of candidates for the WPSA board officers to be elected. In addition, according to our Constitution, branches and individual members are invited to nominate candidates to the Secretary General as well (). Please regard the deadline for submission of 90 days before the Council meeting.

Programmes: Part of the responsibility of the overall WPSA organization is to support branches, poultry networks, and individual members in organizing meetings, in applying for speakers for their meetings, and/ or to provide travel grants for attending meetings. Please check the WPSA website for more details.

Other meetings: The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit will be held from 20-25 October 2016. For more info see this newsletter and www.

Promotion of WPSA: For general promotion of WPSA, WPS Journal and WPC 2016, WPSA was present at IPPE Atlanta USA (January), and VIV MEA Abu Dhabi UAE (February). During VIV MEA on 15 February 2016 a mini-conference was organized in co-operation with MEAP Middle East Agriculture Publishers.
The 5th Poultry Outlook Forum 2016 was organized by the UAE branch on 13 March 2016 in Dubai, UAE, during the AGRA ME exhibition. There were over 100 attendees. The 6th Poultry Outlook Forum is planned for 10 April 2017.
From 29-31 March 2016, WPSA was present at Victam Asia Bangkok Thailand. This exhibition has become a meeting place for many members from branches throughout Asia. WPSA was deeply involved with the development of the programme for the Poultry Summit Europe 2016 from 16-18 May 2016 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The title of the meeting was ‘A world without antibiotics?’

World’s Poultry Science Journal: All WPSA members are entitled to the online version of the Journal. On request, the printed Journal will also be sent to members. Members who would like to receive the printed Journal are requested to contact the secretariat: .

Invitations from Branches and Symposia: Following an invitation, your secretary will attend the Scientific sessions organized by the Chilean Branch in June 2016.

Cooperation with the organization on World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH): Some years ago, it was agreed to start a formal co-operation with the WVEPAH, a non-profit organization which now also organizes training courses on poultry (for 3 à 4 weeks) in several countries ( Activities are announced on our website and in the WPS Journal.

E-mail WPSA Newsletter: The newsletter has over 1500 subscribers and contains increasingly more information on Branch activities. Members and other interested in the work of WPSA are requested to subscribe personally.

Dr Roel Mulder

Treasurer's Report

bradley francine

While in the spring, many think of new life and growth ... for treasurers and accountants it is the time to deal with the old numbers of the previous year. A good portion of the last quarter was spent finalizing WPSA’s 2015 Financial Report and the paper work for our tax-exempt status. I am pleased to report that all this work has been completed and only one required task remains. That is, completion of the tedious Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) form. While the major accounts of WPSA are maintained in the United States, where WPSA is registered, the Association has small satellite accounts in The Netherlands (location of the WPSA Secretariat). Due to the existence of these foreign accounts, WPSA is required to file the very detailed FBAR. This process requires significant input from the Secretary (who controls the foreign accounts), the Treasurer, and the bookkeeper at our Certified Public Accountants office. This work will be completed in early summer.

In anticipation of our upcoming WPC2016, I am working on not only the report of last year’s financial activity, but also the report of the financial activity and trends since our last Congress in Salvador. These reports and many other important reports will be presented at the Council Meeting during the World Poultry Congress. It is, of course, a duty of Councillors to attend. In addition, I urge all interested members to come to the Council Meeting and learn more about the operations of your Association.

Mid-quarter I invoiced all of our Sponsors and Advertisers for the World’s Poultry Science Journal. I am pleased to report that a good number have paid before the due date. Later this month, I will be sending second notices to those companies who have yet to pay.

In the last Newsletter, I wrote about the Student Programme at the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PePa) and the continuing sponsorships of the United States of America Branch/WPSA. Since that writing, both I and the Secretary of the Branch have received thank you notes from the students who attended, as well as from the staff at PePa. Below is a photo sent from Debbie Murdock, Executive Director of PePa, showing two of the award-winning poultry students flanking the WPSA flag.

2916 news fb

I wish you all a good summer and some days of reflection and relaxation, and I hope to see many of you in Beijing!

Dr Francine Bradley

wpc2016 banner





Beijing to host the World's Poultry Congress

On behalf of the Chinese Organizing Committee, I am pleased to again invite you to participate in the XXV World’s Poultry Congress (WPC2016) which will be held in Beijing during September 5-9, 2016. The Congress is co-hosted by the China Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA-CN) and the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAAV).
The multidisciplinary scientific programme of WPC2016 will address a wide range of subjects, and it will provide a unique and comprehensive platform for sharing and discussion of the latest scientific research and technology transfer developments for poultry production worldwide.
We look forward to welcoming you to Beijing and offering our attendees the perfect blend of stimulating scientific exchanges and rich cultural programmes.

Ning Yang, Ph.D., President, China Branch of WPSA

Important registration information

Registration Category By March 5th, 2016

March 6th to
August 5th, 2016

WPSA Member $500 $600 $700
Non-member $680 $800 $850
Student Member $200 $300 $400
Student Non-member $300 $400 $500
Single Day $180 $200 $250
Accompany Person $180 $200 $240


Other important information about WPC2016

Youth Programme: Thirty students will be awarded with full registration to WPC2016, accommodation and one-week visiting in China after the congress. Note: Flight tickets are not included.

Young Scientist Programme: Twenty young scientists under 35 years old, who are members of WPSA, and who work in poultry science relevant fields, will be awarded with full registration to WPC2016, accommodation, and round trip economy air fare tickets.

Following are some other highlights related to WPC2016: For additional information about the Congress and its tours, please go to the Congress website:

Programme Speakers Grant
2016 news wpc programme 2016 news wpc speakers 2016 news wpc grant
The programme of WPC2016 will be presented to reflect the current status and evolving advances in the science and practice of poultry production worldwide. The congress arms at a more sustainable poultry production. The multidisciplinary programme of the WPC2016 will address a wide range of subjects. WPC2016 has finished selecting plenary speakers and sectional invited speakers, and the list of confirmed invited speakers can be found on Home page of WPC2016. Plenary lecture will be held without other parallel sessions, and sectional lectures will be scheduled in parallel. WPC2016 will offer the opportunity for 30 students to attend the Congress under the Youth Programme. The assistance will include registration fee, accommodation and a post-congress tour. WPC2016 will also provide grants to 20 young scientists under the Young Scientists Programme. The assistance will include registration fee, accommodation, and round trip economy air fare ticket.
Exhibition Sponsors Tours
2016 news wpc exhibition 2016 news wpc sponsors 2016 news wpc tours
WPC2016 will collaborate with VNU to jointly present a special VIV China Show during the same period of WPC2016, which will feature a large scale exhibition for poultry industry to allow international and local companies and organizations to show their products and expertise to a worldwide market. Sponsorship programmes are uniquely designed to meet your business development goals and objectives. It's an important communication opportunity for the government, entrepreneurial and academic experts, it also opens to business, social and cultural area representatives from other countries. Beijing, as the WPC2016 host city, is a political, scientific, cultural and educational centre of China. A long history of more than 3,000 years has left a numerous historical sites, which possess great aesthetic and cultural values.

Organizing Committee of WPC2016

Tel: + 86 (10) 62732741

Click here for the WPC2016 Eblast

European Federation

The European Federation has numerous conferences planned between now and the end of 2017.
News from a number of European Federation's working groups is provided below.

WPSA European Working Group News


Poultry Nutrition

The Organizing Committee, and IRTA like local organizing Group are pleased to announce that the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN 2017) will be held in Salou, (Tarragona) Spain on May 8-11 2017.

During the four days of the Symposium, the convention Centre in Port Aventura will serve as the primary area for all scientific knowledge, discussions, and innovations concerning poultry nutrition. With more than 1.000 attendees at the last edition of the Symposium in Prague, the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition is a must for everyone involved in the poultry sector.

If you are a poultry professional, be sure to note the dates of May 8-11 on your 2017 calendar.


Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

The next meeting for WG4 will be at the WPC in Beijing in September 2016. The WPC scientific committee has put out a call for proposed speakers and themes for that meeting. Please feel free to forward your proposals to either or Yves Nys () who are on the scientific committee for this conference.

Plans for the next EGGMEAT symposium which takes place in Edinburgh on the 3-5th September 2017 are now reaching an advanced stage. The scientific programme for the 2017 meeting has been condensed into just 2 days in the hope that this might attract more delegates. The Turkish Branch of WPSA has offered to host the EGGMEAT Symposium in 2019.

If you would like to join WG4 or would like further details then please contact Prof. Maureen Bain from the University of Glasgow (E-mail: )

Maureen Bain, Chairperson, WG4, and Massimiliano Petracci, Chairperson WG5


Quality of Poultry Meat

The next EggMeat Symposia will be held in Edinburgh (Scotland) during September 2017.



The 2016 meeting for the INCUBATION AND FERTILITY RESEARCH GROUP will be organized in Brugge, Belgium, from 4-6 December 2016. The meeting will be held at the Golden Tulip hotel de’Medici ( Participants are invited to present results of their research related to incubation and fertility issues (Booking and abstract forms are located on

Following are the preliminary plans for the programme:

Session 1 on: Preservation of Endangered Avian Species

Elisabeth Blesbois (INRA, Tours, France) is prepared to review this topic as a keynote speaker.
She will review current research on reproduction, including biotechnology, necessary for the preservation of endangered avian species. She is currently the leader of an EU-funded project on reproduction addressing this specific topic.

We invite other participants working in this field to present their results via a lecture or poster. Do not hesitate to add your presentation to this session.

Furthermore, we invite participants to contribute to one of the following sessions:

Session 2 on: Chick Quality and the First Weeks Growth

Session 3 on: Breeder Nutrition and Chick Quality

Sessions 4 – 8: Committee members please feel free to suggest or add other relevant topics or themes

Dr. Marleen Boerjan, President IFRG
Incubation and Fertility Research Group on Reproduction


Poultry Welfare and Management

WG9 met in Antwerp, Belgium, for the annual meeting kindly hosted by the Belgian branch at the "Experimental Poultry Centre from the province Antwerp". The participants had a very interesting discussion about several topics.
The main one was the set up of the programme of the next Symposium to be held in Ploufragan (Brittany, France) in 2017, June 19-23rd [].
Moreover the group decided to write down some guidelines to help the National Branches in their proposals for the candidate to join the WG9. The main reason is to improve knowledge and expertise within the group, but at the same time to try to have not a too big group (maximum 40 people).
The Group generally agreed that the main criteria for membership are that members are active and contribute to the group, either by attending our annual meeting or by communicating by email or other means and by submitting a country report. Criteria for joining the group are to be able to communicate in English and have an appropriate competency in poultry welfare (which is not restricted to research only).
The Danish representative informed the Group about a 2-week course on Poultry production and Health for PhD students (and possibly master students) in October 2016 [see:].
The Group decided to have a web meeting to finalize the program of the Symposium after the abstract review.
The Group had a very interesting visit to the new poultry facility of the Experimental Poultry Centre.



The 9th International Symposium on Turkey Production will be held in Berlin Germany, during June 2017. I hope to see you in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. H.M. Hafez, Head of the Institute of Poultry Diseases Free University Berlin

Asia Pacific Federation

APF Newsletter has been circulated: Very recently a new APF newsletter has been circulated to all AP Federation branches. That newsletter can also be seen on the APF website

APF Working Groups 1 and 2: Time has been allocated on the WPC 2016 programme for oral presentations on Small Scale Family Poultry Farming, and for Waterfowl during the upcoming congress in Beijing in early September. Check the congress website for further information (

Working Group 3 - Ratites Symposium: The 6th International Ratite Symposium will be held in Stellenbosch, South Africa on the, 6-7 July, 2016. You can find more information about this symposium elsewhere in this newsletter. Check out

APF meetings at WPC: There will be three Asian Pacific Federation meetings conducted during WPC 2016 in Beijing: including 1) a General APF Committee meeting; 2) a WG1 (Small Scale Family Poultry Farming) Committee meeting; and 3) a WG2 (Waterfowl) Committee meeting. These meetings will provide updates as they are being held mid-term in the APPC cycle.

Branch Secretaries please note - Important meetings at WPC: Branches should begin preparing now for the Council meeting which will be held during the congress. During this important meeting, a new board will be elected to serve during the years 2016 - 2020. The number and type of vacancies have not yet been officially announced. However, it is very likely that there will be enough nominations for some of the various positions to require a vote. It would be a good idea to take a look at the WPSA Constitution and By-laws to familiarise yourselves with the processes involved. See Branch secretaries should review all communications from the WPSA Secretariat regarding branch responsibilities at these meetings. Branches should note that there will also be a meeting of all Branch Secretaries during WPC 2016.

Alan Gibbins, President Asian/Pacific Federation

WPSA Asian-Pacific Working Group News



There will be a waterfowl symposium during the 25th World’s Poultry Congress in Beijing in 2016. The next WG2 Committee Meeting will be held during the 25th World’s Poultry Congress in Beijing during September 5-9, 2016.

Dr Jeng-Fang Huang, Chairperson



The 6th International Ratite Scientific Symposium will be held on 6 and 7 July 2016 at the Spier Estate, near to Stellenbosch in South Africa. The symposium is presented by the Western Cape Branch of the South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) under the auspices of the Asia-Pacific branch of the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA). In concurs with the poultry sessions of the 49th annual SASAS congress to allow for the ratite and poultry industries to share experiences and discuss issues of mutual interest.

Topics to be discussed include challenges common to both industries, an industry-specific feedback session, nutrition, chick rearing and husbandry, veterinary and health aspects, products, reproduction and breeding, as well as incubation and embryology. A total of 14 invited keynote addresses and 17 contributed papers will be presented in 8 plenary sessions from 08:00 on 6 July (Wednesday) to 13:00 on 7 July (Thursday). Several well-known ratite and poultry scientists and industry leaders will share the podium during this period.

Registration for the symposium is still open until 13 June 2016. Tariffs (including lunch and tea/coffee) are ZAR 2550 (US$ 162) for WPSA members, ZAR 2850 (US$ 181) for non-members, ZAR 2250 (US$ 143) for fulltime student WPSA members and ZAR 2450 (US$ 155) for fulltime student non-members. Further information can be obtained from Dr Helet Lambrechts (Western Cape SASAS chair and overall SASAS/ratite convenor) at or Prof Schalk Cloete (ratite symposium scientific programme convenor) at . All interested WPSA members are welcome to attend.

Dr Irek Malecki, Working Group 3 Ratites

Mediterranean Poultry Summit

mps5 banner600

5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit (The conference on a cruise)

Dear Colleagues,

Preparations for the 5th MPS are underway and in full swing. We are looking forward to a most enjoyable and scientifically rewarding conference. We have 14 internationally known keynote speakers to introduce the various sessions and abstracts have been received for both oral and poster presentations. We expect to have a big turnout with over 500 participants. All of the details for registration and abstract submission can be obtained from our website We look forward to your participation.

The Mediterranean Poultry Network of the WPSA published its 5th Newsletter for the up-coming 5th MPS which will be cruising between Italy, Spain and France in October 20-25, 2016. The committees are very pleased with the anticipated attendance so far, and we are very pleased with the number of papers that will be presented. In addition to the 14 keynote papers (listed on the website), a total of 132 abstracts have been accepted The 14 keynote papers, the 55 oral presentations, and the 63 digital posters will be provided by scientists from 33 countries.

One of the new innovations at this conference will be digital poster presentations along with short oral presentations. This should provide an innovative and practical way of presenting the posters.

See all the details in the website:

Branch News


The Algerian branch of WPSA, jointly with the Algerian Poultry Science Association (APSA), is organizing the IVth Poultry Sciences Symposium to be held on 9-10 November 2016, in Constantine, Algeria.

The following topics will be included:

• Poultry Nutrition
• Poultry Health and Prophylaxis
• Alternative Feed Additive
• Poultry Products and Food safety
• Reproduction and genetic
• Economic Status of Poultry Industry in Maghreb
• Poultry Housing and Management

For more information please contact: Dr O. Bennoune:  
See also


The Benin branch delegates, jointly with a representative from the government of Benin, will travel to the XXV Poultry Congress, WPC-2016, in Beijing, China. In order to improve our trip to the Congress, the Branch held a meeting with its strategic partners that took place in ‘Chant d'Oiseau’ on the 21st of May, 2016. That meeting was related to the development of correct strategies for improving coordination for all poultry business in Benin. We hope to plan a project that will be helpful for all of Benin.

The second idea was that our political goal was to organize our poultry people so that they produce what our citizens can consume. The implementation of modern poultry production methods is a real opportunity.

Now the question is, how do we reduce the obstacles to putting modern poultry methods into practice? Especially modern poultry nutrition and feeding methods, since the dietary components of poultry diets are often in competition as sources of human food. So, we hope to take advantage of the opportunities afforded us by participating in the WPC-2016 in China.

We look forward to seeing all of you during WPC 2016 who have interest in Benin.

Felicien Durand


A general meeting of the Cameroon branch was held on April 15, 2016 under the chairmanship of President, Prof Teguia Alexis surrounded by his executive board. The aim of this meeting was to evaluate the activities of the national branch and to launch a road map for the branch. During this meeting, various activity reports were presented by the Secretary, Prof. Fotsa Jean Claude, as well as a financial report by the Treasurer, Dr. Zambou Henri Rene. After deliberations on the necessity for the Cameroon branch to be more visible, both at the national and international levels, than it has been for the past few years, the board reviewed and adopted a road map as follows:

• Encourage the publication of scientific results of members working in the various Poultry Science domains, including feeds and feeding, genetics, management, poultry welfare and health, etc.;
• Organize more conferences and seminars in major production areas namely West, littoral and centre in order to capture the attention of more poultry stakeholders;
• Take the lead on outreach for Poultry Science and production activities in the Central African Sub region and contact colleagues in other Central African nations for joint activities;
• Actively participate in the upcoming National Poultry Forum organized by the Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Industries, that will be held in the Yaounde Congress Center in November 2016;
• Help young lecturers and researchers to improve their scientific production;
• Increase WPSA-CMR Branch membership and have membership fees paid to the WPSA headquarter on time.

Prof. FOTSA Jean Claude, Secretary of Cameroon Branch 


The Egyptian branch of WPSA, jointly with the Egyptian Poultry Science Association (EPSA), is organizing the 9th International Poultry Conference (9IPC), from 7 - 10 November 2016, Hurghada, Egypt.
For more information please contact Prof. Yahya Eid, e-mail:  


The French Branch of WPSA will host two International symposia in 2017, which will take place in Brittany in the western part of France.

Xth European Symposium on Poultry Welfare
Dates: 19-22 June 2017
Venue: Ploufragan – France
Abstract submission opening: June 2016
Abstracts submission deadline: November 2016 

10th European Symposium on Poultry Genetics
Dates: 26-28 June 2017
Venue: Saint-Malo, France
Abstract submission opening: January 2017 

Representatives from the French Branch of WPSA will be present at WPC2016 in Beijing to inform WPSA’s worldwide delegates about WPC2020that will be held in Paris (August 16-20, 2020). Further information on WPC220 is available at 

Dr. Michel DUCLOS, secretary of WPSA-France Branch


In March more than 100 members and interested people came to Köthen, a nice small city near Leipzig, to participate in the annual meeting of the German Branch.

Activities of the past year were reviewed during the business meeting,. Based on the branches sound financial status, we will again support young scientists from Germany with travel grants to encourage their participation at the WPC2016 in Beijing.

2016 news germanyFollowing a witty guided tour through the Johann-Sebastian-Bach City of Köthen, part of the tour was performed by costumed medieval washerwomen. The day ended with a dinner in the relaxed atmosphere of the Köthener Ratskeller. For those of you who are not aware, the photograph at the right shows what the washerwomen looked like!

Interesting presentations with veterinary, nutritional, egg handling and economic topics and fruitful discussions thereafter were part of the well-attended scientific programme on the second day. In the afternoon Leo Graf von Drechsel and his team from Wimex organized a very interesting programme to visit either a parent stock farm or the new veterinary lab ‘Praxis Müller-Molenar & Todte’.

The next annual meeting will be held in March 2017 in Hannover.

Anke Forester, German Branch Secretary


The Hungarian Branch of WPSA helped host a World Poultry Day on May 10, 2016. This series of events for the World Poultry Day in Hungary was organised by the WPSA Hungarian Branch and by the Poultry Product Board (BTT). Through this event our poultry organisations wanted to show that the poultry sector is becoming a much more important factor in the nutrition of the Hungarian people as well as for people in the rest of the World.

Several years ago, the Poultry Product Board urged a number of international organisations to designate the 10th of May as the World Poultry Day. That idea was supported by the Association of Poultry Processors and Poultry Trade in the EU (AVEC), by the International Poultry Council (IPC), and also by the scientific world organisation of the poultry sector, the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA). As a result of this, the events of the first World Poultry Day were organised by the WPSA and BTT in Hungary.

The venue for the World Poultry Day was the Vajdahunyad castle in Budapest, where presenters described the current poultry situation, as well as future possibilities for the development of the poultry sector in Europe. The Secretary of the State Ministry of Agriculture, György Czerván, and also a representative of the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), attended the event.

The aim of the World Poultry Day was to direct attention to the growth and undertakings of the worldwide poultry sector, which are playing a more and more important role in the world’s food supply. The conference was opened by Peter Horn, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and President of the Hungarian Branch of WPSA. The conference room was crowded with poultrymen, including experts from every part of the industry. Dr. Attila Csorbai, President of the Hungarian Poultry Product Board, announced that the Poultry Product Board has established a special World Poultry Day Award for The Hungarian Poultry Industry. Peter Földi, the current Secretary of the Hungarian Branch of WPSA was named the first recipient of the award.


Pedro Medel, Executive Director – Imasade Agroalimentaria, S. L.
The primary challenges that chicken meat has got to face in Europe

Poultry meat will be the type of meat produced and consumed in the highest proportion within a few years, and in fact it is already the number one meat produced today in certain countries and regions. European broiler producers produce high level quality products. Welfare, food safety, and environmental requirements are more strict in Europe than in much of the rest of the World, and consequently European production costs are higher.

Dr. Sergey Shabaev, president, Eurasian Poultry Association:
Past, present and future of the Russian poultry industry

Poultry production has been an important sector in Russia for a long time. The poultry industry is currently a very dynamic and developing industry. Russia produces 4492 thousand tons of meat, and the member states of CIS produce 6 million tons. Egg production is 42.5 billion in Russia, and the member states of CIS produce 78 billion eggs..

István Tresó, Executive Director, K&H Bank Business development department for Agro and Food Industry:
Looking at the poultry industry with eyes of a financier

The Hungarian poultry industry is a very important sector for the K&H Bank. The Hungarian poultry industry is highly integrated , with controlled production line. The Hungarian poultry enterprises are generally small or medium in size, compared to many international enterprises. Half of Hungary’s poultry production is currently exported, and the future success of Hungarian poultry exports will depend upon the uniformity and quality of its products.

Near the end of the Hungarian World Poultry Day, Dr. Sergey Shabaev, President of the Eurasian Poultry Association, and D. Attila Csorbai, President of the Hungarian Poultry Product Board signed a Cooperation Agreement.

Peter Foldi, Secretary, Hungarian Branch


Poultry Science Conference

The 51st annual conference of the Israeli Branch was held in the Ramada hotel in Jerusalem at the end of May 2016.
During the 3-day conference, 60 presentations in16 sessions covered all poultry science disciplines: Health; Nutrition; Immunology; Reproduction, Incubation and Physiology; Product Quality; and Production of broilers, layers and turkeys.
Round table discussions focused on issues concerning the poultry industry in Israel: regulatory reforms affecting egg and meat production, as well as quality and safety of poultry products.
The conference was honoured with two overseas guests: Prof. Shai Barbut from Guelph University (Canada) who shared his experience and vast knowledge in the field of poultry meat processing, and Dr. Nigel Horrox, the President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association who discussed the role of the Veterinarian in Poultry Industry at present and in the future.
A special award of appreciation was given to Dr. Rami Lam for his contribution in the field of Poultry Products Quality and numerous activities in the Israeli Branch of WPSA.
During the conference, 26 Israeli companies presented their unique products for the poultry industry: pharmaceuticals, feed additives, housing equipment, climate control, etc.
The conference was attended by approximately 500 participants: poultry producers, representatives of commercial companies serving the poultry industry, poultry veterinarians, extension specialists and scientists from the academia and research institutes.
The evening social activities included musical performances and a lecture on Israel's current events by a popular TV journalist/commentator.

Yitzhak Malka
Secretary - WPSA Israel Branch


2016 news italy 1The Italian Branch of WPSA organized the 52nd edition of its annual meeting that dealt with ‘Insects: alternative and sustainable protein sources for poultry diets?' on April 1st, 2016 in Bastia Umbra (PG) in conjunction with the 48th edition of ‘Agriumbria’ Fair. Text and slide of the presentations for this meeting can be accessed from our website:

2016 news italy 2The Italian Branch is also actively involved in the organization of the 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit that will be held on 20-25 October 2016 (website See more information on this event elsewhere in this newsletter.


The 2016 Spring Meeting of the Japan Poultry Science Association was held at Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University at Musashino, Tokyo, on March 30. The meeting included a total of 58 paper presentations and luncheon seminars as well as council and general meetings.

During the Spring Meeting, four awards were given under the category of ‘students’ or ‘members aged 30 or below’ for the following excellent presentations: 1) ‘Biochemical and functional analysis of membrane rafts in chicken sperm’ by Ai Ushiyama (Tsukuba University); 2) ‘Dynamics of L cells along the crypt-villous axis in the chicken ileum’ by Kei Nishimura (Shinshu University); 3) ‘Effects of trehalose added feed on cooked odors in broiler thigh meat’ by Shoji Kakuta (Hayashibara Co., Ltd.); and 4) ‘Characteristic expression on carbonic anhydrases 4 in the eggshell gland of laying hens under heat stress conditions’ by Yuuki Hosokawa (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology). JPSA congratulated the presenters who archived the excellent presentation awards for the Spring Meeting, 2016.

The luncheon seminar was entitled ‘Development of LED house management system to improve productivity of meat-type chickens’, and it was presented by Dr. Kazuhisa Honda, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University. More than 60 scientists attended the luncheon seminar, and an active discussion was held after the presentation.

In addition, new board members for JPSA were elected during the general meeting for serving over the next two years. Dr. Kazuaki Takahashi (Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa University of Nutrition Sciences) was elected as the new president of JPSA. Dr. Naoki Goto (ISA, Hendrix Genetics Group) and Dr. Mitsuhiro Furuse (Kyushu University) were also elected as the new vice presidents of JPSA

The 2016 Autumn Meeting of JPSA will be held at Mokusei Hall in Shizuoka city, hosted by Shizuoka University during 15–16 September. The meeting will contain an open symposium, as well as council and general meetings. The tentative title of the symposium is ‘The current state of embryo engineering and DNA recombination technology in fowls, and its new development for the industries’.

The Journal of Poultry Science (JPS, the official journal of JPSA, Impact Factor 0.802) always welcomes the submission of reviews and original papers. JPSA would like to contribute to poultry science all over the world by enhancing the international activity with the members from different countries. Thus, JPSA has a membership category for foreign citizens residing abroad as ‘Special International Member’. The page charges to publish their papers in JPS will be set at a membership price. JPSA invariably welcome new members from all over the world. Please visit the JPSA website ( for further information.

Naoki Goto, Secretary of WPSA Japan Branch


The new Executive Committee for the Mauritius Branch of WPSA for the years 2016- 2019 has been constituted as follows:

• President: Dr Dewan Sibartie
• Vice President: Mr Jean Daniel Boribon
• Secretary: Mrs Micheline Seenevassen Pillay
• Assistant Secretary: Mr Bernard Larue
• Treasurer: Mr Roger Willy Poisson
• Assistant Treasurer: Mr Olivier Mailfert
• Co-opted members: Messrs Basharat Sooltangos and Iqbal Mohungoo

The Honourable Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security for Mauritius, has kindly agreed to become the Patron for the Mauritius Branch of WPSA.

Our new President will represent the Mauritius Branch during the forthcoming World Poultry Congress that will be held in Beijing from 5 - 9 September 2016. He will also make a presentation on ‘Reduction of economic losses due to Colibacillosis in broiler chickens in Mauritius through vaccination’.

In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Mauritius Branch, the Branch plans to hold a half day Conference during the second half of September 2016. The date and venue are not yet fixed, but eminent personalities from Industry and Government are expected to be in attendance. Presentations will include: ‘The Evolution of the Poultry Industry in Mauritius’, ‘Challenges facing the Poultry Industry in Africa’, and ‘Food safety issues with respect to poultry and poultry products’.

Dr Dewan Sibartie, President

New Zealand

The New Zealand branch will hold its annual meeting and Poultry Industry Conference (NZPIC2016) on 4-6 October, 2016, in Wellington, New Zealand. For further information Contact:

Dr Reza Abdollahi
Secretary/ WPSA NZ Branch
Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand


Poultry breeder forum in Lipetsk

2016 news russia 1The International poultry breeder Forum has been carried out in Lipetsk town on May 23 to 27, 2016. The forum theme has been ‘Innovations in production are poultry enterprise ef-fectiveness guarantee’.
The Russian Poultry Breeding Union and FNTS ‘VNITIP’ RAN has been the event or-ganizers. OEZ ‘Lipetsk’ and ‘Terbuny’ has become the Forum platform. The world poultry cage equipment market leader the ‘Texha’ plant and the premix production plant of ‘MegaMix’ com-pany are working here.
The extensive programme has been prepared for the Forum participants of the domestic and foreign poultry expert reports. The ‘Texha’ company plant visiting has been provided by the event plan. The plant has got its own design office and produce cage equipment for poultry in-dustry. The Forum participants have been shown the robotic complex for poultry automatic un-loading.
“We bought these cages in Italy, in Germany and in The Netherlands until recently, and this plant start-up will be the outlet in this respect. But we must not stop, we must go forward constantly”, – the ‘Rosptitsesojuz’ president Vladimir Fisinin commented.
The Company share at Russia market is 10 percent now. “Our plan is to reach 50 per-cent”, - the ‘Texha’ OOO General Director Serguey Gromov said in his report at the International poultry breeder Forum.
The Company workers consider this aim to be ‘attainable and real one’ as they are sure in Russia poultry branch development prospects.
The main event of these days has taken place within the Forum on the May 26. It is the opening ceremony of the ‘MegaMix’ new producing complex for premix production.
Some Lipetskaya region leaders have taken part in the solemn complex opening: Yury-Bozhko, acting as Lipetskaya region Administration head, Nikolay Taguintsev, the deputy region head, Serguey Ivanov, the Lipetsk head, and also Vladimir Fisinin, The Russian Poultry Breeder Union president, and Serguey Barabanstchikov, the Terbun district head.
“The main is that we not start-up the plant simply, we start-up the most innovative plant. After all it is important not only to bring in premix vitamins and micro minerals but to make the high quality homogeneous mixture”, – the ‘Rosptitsesojuz’ president academician Vladimir Fisinin has emphasized.
2016 news russia 2The Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev has noted the new premix plant great im-portance for Russian agriculture on the eve of the Forum opening at the enlarged meeting of Ag-ricultural Ministry total commission on May 25.
“The plant will produce premixes (feed mixtures) for all agricultural animal and poultry species. This plant with full capacity 140,000 tons per year will be able to provide up to the half of Russian market requirement”, – said Vasiliy Frizen, the ‘MegaMix’ company General Director at the opening ceremony.
The own A class storage facility areas more than 13,000 m2.
The stuff number will be some 240 persons after the plant exit to full capacity. The company will become the largest premix producer in Russia taking into account the operating production cite in Volgograd. Serguey Vlasov has become the General Director of ‘MegaMix Center’ OOO in Lipetsk.
The project technologic partners have become the world chemical industry leader – BASF SE concern – and the Dutch equipment producer ‘Ottevanger Milling Engineers’. The main new production feature is two autonomic production lines availability one of which is in-tended for premixes with medical preparations.
The group of ‘MegaMix’ companies is the largest Russia premix producer for all agri-cultural animal and poultry species. The company is operating at the market more than 17 years. Now the company has two modern production complexes: in Volgograd town and in the Li-petsck region. The plant has undergone the testing for International quality standard accordance ISO 9001, and it is confirmed by SGS company.
2016 news russia 3‘MegaMix’ company testing laboratory has the accreditation in International ‘Analitica’ system. The research is being carried out more than on 270 indicators. This laboratory is the most modern in the branch now.
‘MegaMix’ company partners are many animal breeding and poultry breeding complexes in Russia and abroad. Each fourth feed ton in Russia is being produced at the base of ‘MegaMix’ premixes now.

Tatiana Vasilieva

South Africa

The organising committee of the South African branch of WPSA is pleased to announce that our annual Scientific Day will be held on 12 October 2016 at the CSIR in Pretoria. This will follow the AFMA symposium which will be held on 11 October 2016, as well as the AFMA & WPSA Cocktail function on the evening of the 11th.

The theme of the Scientific Day is ‘Facing the Industry Challenge’, and we are pleased to have Mr Gordon Butland, Prof Sabiha Essack, Dr Thomas Kaufman, Dr Paul Tillman, Dr Nuntawadee Sriperm and Dr Carrie Walk as confirmed speakers so far. Any queries with regards to the day can be made to Mr J du Plessis (Chairman) or Dr NC Tyler (Secretary)

Nicola Tyler, Secretary, South African Branch


The AECA-WPSA Spanish Branch will hold its XLLL Symposium on 29-30 September 2016 at the Veterinary School at Zaragoza University.

Program of LIII Symposium AECA-WPSA
29-30 September 2016
Veterinary School
Zaragoza University

29/09/2016. Sessions (15:30-19:50):
• Intestinal health evaluation in poultry with macroscopic coccidiosis and disbacteriosis evaluation and punctuation. Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe (Vetworks)
• Campylobacter. D. Alfredo Corujo Fernández (Nutreco España)
• Ectoparasites epidemiology and control in poultry productions. Dr. Javier Lucientes Curdi (Zaragoza Veterinary School)
• Fitasas hight dossification in feed ¿ Myth or Reality? D.ª María F. Soto Salanova (AB Vista)
• Animal welfare in eggs production. Involvement of genetic selection. D. Javier Ramírez Villaescusa (Lohmann Tierzucht GMBH)

30/09/2016. Workshops (08:30-13:00):

• Intestinal health evaluation in poultry with macroscopic coccidiosis and disbacteriosis evaluation and punctuation Poultry management (measurement of environmental and welfare parameters)
• Ectoparasites epidemiology and control
• Questions I never asked about enzymes in feed formulation
• Egg quality

The Spanish Branch will also provide scholarships to two veterinary students to attend the Mediterranean Poultry Summit during October 2016.

Climent Faus


The Turkish Branch has preparations underway for a National Congress at Samsun during 5-8 October 2016.

Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Akbay, President of the WPSA Turkish Branch
Head of the Organising Committee

United Kingdom

The WPSA UK branches annual meeting was again held at the University of Chester. About 80 delegates attended the meeting and listened to a varied programme of over 25 papers, many offered by young, enthusiastic researchers.

The invited speakers session heard Mike Toscano of University of Bern, Switzerland discuss aspects of bone health (and ill health!) in the modern laying hen, and Peter Kettlewell of SRUC considered methods of protecting poultry during transport, balancing welfare and economics.

The annual joint session with BSAS considered the intriguing topic of ‘Big Data in practice’, with thought provoking presentations from Helen Masey O’Neill of AB Agri, and Dr K. Mertens of Prophyrio NV Belgium.

A further highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the Gordon Memorial Lecture. This was delivered by Prof Michael Hess of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria with the title of ‘Commensal or pathogen in chickens – a challenge to fulfil Koch’s postulates’. Prof Hess discussed the need for application of science to establish and confirm the role of specific pathogens in disease syndromes.

The Spring meeting is also an opportunity to recognise the contributions of the participants and this led to a record numbers of prizes and awards, that were given in recognition of the quality of presentations, both Oral and as Posters:

Presidents Prize (£100):
Oral: Brendan Duggan – Roslin Institute & R(D)SVS
Poster: Lucy Hood – Harper Adams University

Special Recognition Awards (£50):
Oral: Angus Reid – Roslin Institute & R(D)SVS
Poster: Joanne Atkinson – Northumbria University, and Jalil Abdulla – Harper Adams

Congratulations to these winners and all those who presented in Chester to ensure the high standards of excellence for which our Meeting is becoming increasingly renowned for.

Attracting applicants for our Summer Scholarships and Research Awards is another challenge, but the excellent presentations from past winners and confirmation of successful applicants for this year’s awards demonstrates that the recipients and membership benefit greatly from this initiative. Our ongoing challenge is to retain this enthusiasm and promote WPSA and the wider poultry industry as an interesting and sustainable career option for young researchers.

This year WPSA UK has awarded the following Summer Scholarships:
Melissa Zigler (Roslin): Evaluating the effect of ovodefensin variants as alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters (part of a larger BBSRC Link project).
Ceara Suther (Glasgow University): Are the precursors of the egg shell cuticle retained in the secretory granules of the non-ciliated cells of the shell gland of laying hens after a premature oviposition (part of a BBSRC project focusing on the genetics and physiology of cuticle deposition in meat and egg type chickens.
Jessica Stirling (Roslin): Mapping neuronal circuits underlying maternal behaviour in the chicken brain
Ben Brown (Roslin): The developmental programming of bone growth in Japanese quail using a prenatal CORT exposure protocol
Alex Desbruslais (Nottingham Trent University): Investigating the absorption and utilisation of silica in young broiler chicks

Dates for the Diary

32nd Poultry Science Symposium
3-5 July 2017
Clare College, Cambridge, UK
Poultry Feathers & Skin – the past present and future of poultry integument

WPSA UK is pleased to announce the 32nd Poultry Science Symposium that is scheduled to be held in the historic and scenic city of Cambridge in July 3-5, 2017. The theme of the symposium is ‘Poultry feathers and skin – the past, present and future of poultry integument’. The programme committee is working to ensure that this informative symposium is of wide appeal to all in the poultry industry. Please follow updates regarding the symposium at

XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products
XXIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat
3-5 September 2017
Scientific sessions 4-5th September
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland

The UK branch will be hosting the EggMeat symposium in 2017. More formally known as the XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products and the XXIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat. These will take place on the 3-5 September 2017 with Scientific sessions from the 4-5th September at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Contact: ;  

Further details will appear on the WPSA UK website.

Steve Lister, UK Branch Secretary


Dr. Mark Lyte of Iowa State University will be the invited speaker for the WPSA Canada-USA Lecture on July 13, 2016 at the meeting of the Poultry Science Association ( which will take place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Lyte’s lecture: ‘Microbial Endocrinology: Why the Intersection of Microbiology and Neurobiology Matters to Poultry Health’ promises to be thought provoking and of great interest to the audience.

The USA branch again conducted the Cliff D. Carpenter Essay Contest. The topic of the essay was: ‘Can Poultry Feed the World in 2050?’ The three students who best addressed the topic will receive travel grants of up to $2,000 to attend the World’s Poultry Congress September 5 – 9, 2016 in Beijing, China.

Keeping with the theme of the World’s Poultry Congress, travel grants are available to individuals who are presenting papers (oral or posters) at the scientific sessions in Beijing. In order to be eligible for a travel grant of up to $1,000, the individual must be a current member and have paid dues in 2015; in addition, the individual must have an abstract which has been accepted for presentation at the meeting.

We are planning for a successful World’s Poultry Congress in Beijing on September 5–9, 2016. Information can be found at: The deadline for submission of abstracts was in March 2016.

Ernie Pierson, President, USA Branch
Bob Buresh, Secretary, USA Branch


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