Thursday, November 30, 2023
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President Prof Dr Estella Prukner-Radovcic (Croatia)
1st Vice-President  Prof Dr Carlos Garcés Narro (Spain)
2nd Vice-President Prof Sjaak de Wit (The Netherlands)
Secretary and Treasurer

Prof Dr M.A. Grashorn
Schlehenweg 9
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen
Phone: +49 714 232 593

Following the creation of national branches of the Association it was a logical development for members in such branches to discuss possibilities for liaison on matters of common interest. In Europe, where around half the branches of the Association are located, collaboration between them was a natural development. The fact that the 1958 World's Poultry Congress was held a long way from Europe led to the idea of arranging regular meetings within the region that would facilitate reasonable participation costs. At a meeting in Rome in May 1959, and stimulated by the enthusiasm of Major Ian Macdougall, the formation of the European Federation of WPSA Branches became a reality. In 1960 the first in a series of European Conferences (see below) was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. These events are held at four-year intervals, but two years out of phase with the World Congresses so as to avoid a clash. In addition these conferences, which are organized by the branch of the host country, tend to follow a different pattern from that adopted by the Congresses. The Presidents and Secretary-Treasurers of the Federation since its inception are listed below.

Another successful initiative by the European Federation has been the establishment of scientific and technical Working Groups, six of which were initiated in 1962. These groups, listed below, variously produce reports and arrange meetings and symposia. They have done much to stimulate international liaison and collaboration between scientists and technologists in the poultry industry.
Currently, branches joining the federation pay a small fee per member to defray administration costs. All members of branches making up the federation have the right to attend its quadrennial conferences and the symposia organised by Federation Working Groups.

European Poultry Conferences

First 1960 Utrecht The Netherlands
Second 1964 Bologna Italy
Third 1968 Jerusalem Israel
Fourth 1972 London United Kingdom
Fifth 1976 Attard Malta
Sixth 1980 Hamburg Germany
Seventh 1986 Paris France
Eight 1990 Barcelona Spain
Ninth 1994 Glasgow United Kingdom
Tenth 1998 Jerusalem Israel
Eleventh 2002 Bremen Germany
Twelfth 2006 Verona Italy
Thirtienth 2010 Tours France
Fourteenth 2014 Stavanger Norway
Fifteenth 2018 Dubrovnik Croatia
Sixteenth 2023 Valencia Spain

Officers of the European Federation of WPSA


Dr Rupert Coles (United Kingdom)
Mar Harald Ebbell (Switzerland)
Mr A. Thumin (Israel)
Professor Dr S. Scholtyssek (Germany)
1986 - 1994
Professor J. Fris Jensen (Denmark)
1994 - 1998
Professor Geoff Mead (United Kingdom)
1998 - 2002
Mr Ben Ami Ron (Israel)
2002 - 2006
Professor Dietmar K. Flock (Germany)
2006 - 2010
Professor Achille Franchini (Italy)
2010 - 2014
Dr Yves Nys (France)
2014 - 2018
Prof Dr Birger Svihus (Norway)
2018 -
Prof Dr Estella Prukner-Radovcic (Croatia)


1960 - 1968
Major Ian Macdougall (United Kingdom)
1968 - 1981
Ir Jan F. Helder (The Netherlands)
1981 - 1993
Ir Douwe A. Ehlhardt (The Netherlands)
1993 - 1998
Mr Thorkil Ambrosen (Denmark)
1998 - 2010
Professor Colin C. Whitehead (United Kingdom)
2010 -
Professor Dr Michael A. Grashorn (Germany)

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