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This WG was originally proposed in 1972 during the WPSA European Poultry Conference (EPC) in London when Nils Olof Lindgren of Sweden was asked to form a WG on Bird Welfare in Intensive Poultry Production(WPSJ 1973 29(2): 171-172). Fourteen members, including the present chairperson, were appointed from 7 European country branches. Its inaugural meeting was held in Dortmund during 1973 under the chairmanship of Dr Lindgren, who set out its aims and objectives (WPSJ 1974 30(2): 143-145). He remained chairman for 16 years and was following by the following persons:

Dr Lindgren, Sweden
Ragnar Tauson, Sweden
Martina Gerken, Germany
Arnold Elson, United Kingdom
Valentina Ferrante, Italy
Virginie Michel, France

By 1980 WG9 had 16 members from 10 countries and its title was generally shortened to Poultry Welfare. The WG has continued to expand, indicating the increasing importance of this subject, and currently has 37 members from 22 countries. In 2005 the group’s name was changed to Poultry Welfare & Management to better reflect the range of its activities. Its research activities were reviewed by Elson and Sossidou (2008, Proceedings 1st Mediterranean Summit of WPSA: 525-528).

WG9 has organised a variety of events to exchange the latest information on scientific and management developments in poultry welfare. These have taken the form of symposia, the first of which was held during EPC 1976 in Malta (WPSJ 1975 31(4), WPSJ 1977 33(1): 53-56). This was followed by one held in Koge on Poultry Welfare in Egg Laying Cages organised by the Danish National Committee for Poultry and Eggs with the support of WG9. A quadrennial series of European Symposia on Poultry Welfare then commenced, being held in:

1st 1981 Koge Denmark
2nd 1985 Celle Germany
3rd 1989 Tours France
4th 1993 Edinburgh United Kingdom
5th 1997 Wageningen The Netherlands
6th 2001 Zollikofen Switzerland
7th 2005 Lublin Poland
8th 2009 Cervia Italy
9th 2013 Uppsala Sweden
10th 2017 Ploufragan France

WG 9 holds a regular annual meeting, as well as additional intermediate ones held during major poultry science events. The latest one was held during EPC2010 in Tours, France, where there was also a session on poultry welfare.

Further details of WG 9 activities can be obtained from the chairperson:
Mrs Virginie Michel (France)

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