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This Working Group is probably not the oldest one of the Working Groups of the European Federation of WPSA but looks back on a long history. As the first Symposium was organized in 1973 in Roskilde (DK) the establishment of the group was probably in the early 1970s. The objectives of this group are mainly providing the different research teams in the branches with basic knowledge in the whole field of poultry carcass and meat quality. Members of the Working Group exchange information on the research between the different research institutes and develop new research ideas for international cooperation to improve the value of poultry meat products for human consumption. Working group activities are presented on Working Group Symposia, European Conferences and World Congresses to a broader audience.

The combined expertise of the working group resulted in several recommendations for the assessment of carcass and meat quality features in the past. The first recommendation dealt with standardizing terms for poultry carcass parts (WPSA, 1983: Terms used for parts of poultry in different languages. World's Poultry Science Journal 39: 64-73) and the second one with a recommendation for the sensory assessment of poultry meat (WPSA, 1987: Recommendation for a standardized method of sensory analysis for broilers. World's Poultry Science Journal 43: 64-68). Several attempts have also been made to harmonize the methodologies for the assessment of poultry meat quality, but did not result in official recommendations. Meanwhile, a recommendation for the assessment of chemical and physical criteria of poultry meat has been published (M. Petracci and E. Baeza, 2010: Harmonization of the methodologies for the assessment of poultry meat quality features, World's Poultry Science Journal 67: 137-151).

Since the foundation of the group Working Group Symposia took place in biannual intervals:

1st 1973 Roskilde Denmark
2nd 1975 Oosterbeek The Netherlands
3rd 1977 Grub Germany
4th 1979 Norwich United Kingdom
5th 1981 Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
6th 1983 Ploufragan France
7th 1985 Vejle Denmark
8th 1987 Budapest Hungary
9th 1989 Stuttgart Germany
10th 1991 Doorwerth The Netherlands
11th 1993 Tours France
12th 1995 Zaragoza Spain
13th 1997 Poznan Poland
14th 1999 Bologna Italy
15th 2001 Kusadasi Turkey
16th 2003 St Brieuc France
17th 2005 Doorwerth The Netherlands
18th 2007 Prague Czech Republic
19th 2009 Turku Finland
20th 2011 Leipzig Germany
21st 2013 Bergamo Italy
22nd 2015 Nantes France
23rd 2017 Edinburgh United Kingdom
24th 2019 Cesme Turkey
25th 2023 Krakow Poland

Since 1981 the Symposium is run in parallel with the newly established European Symposium on Egg Quality of WG 4. Over the years, the Meat Quality Symposium grew up from few presentations and less than 100 participants to more than 40 oral presentations, countless posters and more than 200 participants coming from all over the World. The 23rd Symposium is planned to be held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, from 3-5 September 2017.

During the long history of Working Group 5 the group has undergone several changes. Currently, based on a first idea discussed during the 10th EPC in Jerusalem (1998) an intensive discussion has been launched on opening the group to members from all countries of the World considering the changes in production centres for poultry meat and in poultry meat consumption. First steps towards this direction have been started in 2009.

In its history the working group was chaired by D.H. Shrimpton (United Kingdom), S. Scholtyssek (Germany), J. Fris Jensen (Denmark), G.C. Mead (United Kingdom), T.G. Uijttenboogaart (The Nethelrands), P. Colin (France), R.W.A.W. Mulder (The Netherlands), M.A. Grashorn (Germany) and M. Duclos (France).
Currently, the Working Group comprises 16delegates from 10 countries of the European Federation.

Further details of Working Group 5 can be obtained from the current Chairman:
Dr M. Petracci

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