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Working group 1 (WG1) is dealing with both topics Economics and Marketing. The current board of WG1 doesn’t have any information on the organizers and activities of the period before 1985. In that year there was a (sub-) working group meeting in Zeist in the Netherlands. In 1986 Ole Winfridsson from Sweden became the chairman. In the 80s there were meetings in Paris and Brussels. The minutes of a meeting in Montreal in 1987 mentioned a 14th meeting of the working group. In 1989 there was a symposium combined with a WG meeting in Viborg in Denmark. At this symposium for the first time there was also attention for Information and Computer Technology (ICT) in the poultry sector. In the 90s WG1 had meetings during the European and world conferences. In 1997 WG1 organized a Symposium together with WG11 on knowledge transfer and extension. This symposium was held in Utrecht in The Netherlands. In 2004 Peter van Horne from The Netherlands became chairman and Alois Mettler from Switzerland was the secretary. The working group had a meeting at the WPC in Istanbul 2004 and at the EPC in Verona 2006 (this was the 21th meeting). From 2007 WG1 started organized a Round Table on Poultry Economics and Marketing. The first round table was held at the ITAVI institute in Paris in 2007 followed by Antwerp (2009), Barcelona (2011), Zollikofen (2013), Cambridge (2015) and The Hague (2017). At a round table the members have a discussion on actual topics in the Poultry sector directly related to Economics and Marketing. In recent years the working group combines the meeting with a public part with some invited speakers. This is organized in cooperation with the local WPSA branch.

At this moment the WG has around 23 members representing 14 countries. The WG plans to hold meetings during the EPC and WPC and, in the years between, organize a round table

For further information contact the chairman: Barbara Grabkowsky, e-mail:

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