Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Gut Health

09 March 2023
Extra information

We are proud to announce that we will host a seminar on Gut Health, live at VIV ASIA in Bangkok.

This seminar will focus on keeping the birds gut healthy, which means that the animal can process the diet more efficiently, has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The veterinary, feed and management aspects of nurturing the birds from the time they hatch until they are well settled in the broiler house are put central. The seminars will provide participants with the latest insights in knowledge of the inner workings of the gut and the effects of management- and nutritional interventions.

On 9 March, at 11.00h.

Join the seminar in person or online. 

A few days before the seminar, you will receive a link from us to attend the seminar online. Prefer to attend in person? Then we are happy to receive you in conference room: Jupiter 5.


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