Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Heat Stress


There is no better way to say it, but heat stress in livestock is a ‘hot’ topic. With the rising summer temperatures, heat stress on farms across the globe brings with it many issues for livestock as well as farmers.

During the summer months temperatures can soar which can have a real major impact on farm animals globally. If there are no strategies in place to prevent and tackle heat stress, the animals will not deal well with the rise in temperatures and heat stress will occur and bring with it losses in many aspects. The result will be production losses in livestock and an impact on the animals’ ability to maintain normal function. This means that the farm is also at risk as the bottom line can take a huge knock when animal performance is not optimal and production losses occur.

In poultry heat stress affects growth, reproductive performance, and egg production. In pigs, increase respiration and a loss of appetite can be seen. In dairy cows decreased performance and reduced milk production is linked to heat stress. These are just some consequences of heat stress. But what can be done? What are the feed and nutrition strategies that can combat heat stress? What role does animal health, gut integrity and, for example, natural betaine have in mitigating the harmful effects of livestock? This webinar will dive deep into these questions and more.


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