Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Seminar VICTAM: Antibiotic Reduction

Date: 08 September 2022

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Nutrition is the key part of keeping production animals  productive and healthy. Especially in line with the reduction of antibiotic growth promoters around the world, the focus on diet formulation and the use of certain feed additives have become almost the most important part of animal production. In addition, more knowledge is gained on the interaction of certain feed additives and how they can benefit each other when added to the feed mix at the same time.

In this seminar, experts from around the world will focus on how to achieve healthier animals through nutrition management with focus on using no antibiotics. You can register via the link below and join us in Bangkok on 8 September at 16.00h local time.

This seminar takes place at VICTAM ASIA in Bangkok, at 16.00h local time.


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