Poultry World Webinar on Poultry Health and Nutrition

Date: 17 March 2021

About this webinar:

Poultry World webinar on Poultry Health and Nutrition, 17th of March 2021

One of the most important production parameters in poultry production is the hardest to measure. A healthy and disease free bird is the key to making a profit. Keeping the birds healthy and feeding them accordingly with the right ingredients and additives demands a high level of knowledge and the full attention of the nutritionist, farm manager and veterinarian. In this webinar, experts will focus on how to achieve healthier poultry through a balanced gut health.

The webinar takes place on March 17, at 3pm Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • Chicago, IL, United States: 8am
  • New York, NY, United States: 9am
  • São Paulo, Brazil: 11am
  • London, UK: 2pm
  • Moscow, Russia: 5pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 9pm
  • Beijing, China: 10pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 11pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 1am



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