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Regulations for Branch Organizations

(article V of the Constitution of WPSA)

  1. The Board, or Executive Committee between Board meetings, may approve the formation of Branch Organizations, which then will be designated as Branches of the World's Poultry Science Association.
  2. Branches will organize their own activities and programmes and shall not include in their constitutions and by-laws anything not in full accord with the WPSA Constitution. Branch Constitutions shall be submitted to the Secretary for approval by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Branch may retain from the dues collected certain sums for the purpose of local administration. Branch membership subscription rates in excess of those fixed by the Board may be charged at the discretion of the Branch. No portion of these excess amounts need be transferred to the WPSA.
  4. An Officer of each Branch shall be responsible for the remittance of the necessary amounts of the annual dues from Branch members to the Treasurer or Secretary of the WPSA.
  5. Branches shall not restrict their members from acting as free and independent members of WPSA, nor withhold, forbid, or restrict their members in regard to any privilege granted by WPSA to its members.
  6. Any person may be a member of WPSA with or without being a member of a Branch. All members of a Branch must be members of the WPSA.
  7. Branches within a recognized global or continental region may, if they so wish, combine to form a Federation to promote further the aims of the Association by holding Regional Poultry Conferences and other means. Such Federations shall operate under a Constitution approved by the Council. The Presidents of such Federations shall be invited to attend annual meetings of the WPSA Board.

How to form a Branch

The first need would be to gather some members. A minimum of about 20 members would justify the approval of a Branch. It is strongly recommended to recruit only serious members who will stay in the WPSA once they join.
If you found reliable members you can make the Constitution for your Branch as simple as possible. Examples from Branch Constitutions can be obtained from the General Secretary. The branch organization should be democratic. Your own draft Constitution should then be sent to the Secretary to secure approval by the President. On this being given you should send the names and addresses of your officers - President, Secretary/Treasurer, and of all your members to the Secretary. This membership list is needed for delivering the WPS Journal - 4 issues per year - to all your members. Then, your Branch with the name and address of your Secretary will be listed in the Journal and on the website. At this stage, too, the new Branch becomes responsible for collecting and forwarding the annual dues to the Secretary.

Type of membership

Individual membership
Any person who is, or has been, engaged in any activity connected with the poultry industry and is interested in its objectives of the Association
Affiliate membership
Associations, societies, institutions, clubs etc., or business firms connected with any activities of the poultry industry. Affiliates may designate one person as a representative who shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of an individual member except becoming a member of Council or holding office
Student membership
may be held by full time, bona fide poultry students, except those taking post-doctoral studies
Life membership
Individuals may become Life Members through a Branch in return for a once only payment.

Membership dues

Since 1991 the membership dues have been US$ 15.-- per member per year. In many meetings this fee has been discussed. Any increase in the cost of membership would be difficult for most people in developing countries. After further wide ranging discussion the following compromise was agreed. Starting in 1999 the schedule of membership dues will be as set out below (for an experimental period).

  High income countries Low income countries
Individual members 20.00 US$ 10.00 US$
Affiliate members 50.00 US$  50.00 US$ 
Student members  10.00 US$  5.00 US$
Life members  500.00 US$ once only  500.00 US$ once only 

Membership dues for Non-Branch Members shall be:

  High income countries Low income countries
Individual members 50.00 US$ 30.00 US$
Affiliate members 120.00 US$  120.00 US$ 
Student members  25.00 US$  20.00 US$
Life members  650.00 US$ once only  650.00 US$ once only 

The membership dues for low income countries apply to members in those countries listed in the most recent International Monetary Fund Yearbook as having a per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 4000 SDR or less (SDR is the weighted exchange limit of account used by the IMF).

Payment of membership dues

Annual Dues are payable in advance on January 1st of each year to the Secretary.
For low income countries we prefer payment by Wester Union. For details contact the WPSA secretariat.
Low income countries can apply for financial support during three years to the Foundation for Stimulation of Poultry Science).

Interested in forming a Branch in your country?

If you are interested in forming a WPSA Branch in your country, please contact the Secretariat () or Dr Roel Mulder ().

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