Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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X European Symposium on Poultry Welfare

X European Symposium on Poultry Welfare

Ploufragan, France, 19-22 June 2017

2017 welfare


Book of Abstracts

Full papers

A shared and practical tool for welfare assessment in poultry and rabbits: EBENE

L. Bignon, A. Mika, C. Mindus, J. Litt, C. Souchet, V. Bonnaud,C. Picchiottino, L. Warin, G. Dennery, C. Brame, V. Guesdon and I. Bouvarel

Access to litter during rearing and environmental enrichment during production reduce fearfulness in adult laying hens

M. Brantsæter, F.M. Tahamtani, J. Nordgreen, E. Sandberg, T.B. Hansen, T.B. Rodenburg, R. Oppermann Moe and A.M. Janczak

Activity and occupation patterns analysis as broilers’ welfare indicator

A. Peña Fernández, E, Tullo, T. Norton, A. Youssef, E. Vranken, M. Guarino and D. Berckmans

Adding value to end of lay hens: improving welfare, sustainability and credibility

C.A. Weeks, H.A. Elson, J. Jozefová, F. Neijenhuis, J. Yngvesson and E. Voslarova

Advantages and perceived disadvantages of combining free-range chickens with production of short rotation coppice

L.M. Stadig, T.B. Rodenburg, B. Ampe, B. Reubens, B. Duquenne, J. Aerts and F.A.M. Tuyttens

An app assessing broiler welfare through animal-based measures

L. Michel, J. Thieffry, G. Midy, D. Pasquier, C. Guillon-Kroon, I. Ajuda and A. Legrand

Assessing physical methods for on-farm euthanasia of compromised turkeys

C.R. Woolcott, S. Torrey, P.V. Turner, K. Schwean-Lardner and T.M. Widowski

Broiler health, welfare, antimicrobial consumption and gut microbiota diversity in sheds authorised for increased stocking density

G. Di Martino, A. Garbo, F. Gobbo, M.L. Moronato, M. Boscarato, L. Bano, L. Zandonà, R. Brunetta, A. Stefani, C. Caucci and L. Bonfanti

Chick quality: from reproductive flock to slaughterhouse

J. Puterflam, M. Guinebretiere, N. Rousset, R. Thomas, H. Bergoug, P. Galliot, V. Michel, R. Souillard and S. Lebouquin

Cognitive abilities and adaptation to changes: another way to investigate welfare

V. Guesdon, F. Lormant, B. Peuteman, C. Leterrier and L. Calandreau

Does equipment for automated behavioural monitoring change hen behaviour?

S. Buijs, C.J. Nicol, F. Booth, G. Richards and J.F. Tarlton

Effect of aviary rearing on welfare of hens in large furnished cages

T.M. Widowski, T.M. Casey-Trott, M. Hunniford, L. Cooley and L.C. Caston

Effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3 provided during embryonic development and starting and growing periods on pecking behaviour of Muscovy ducks

E. Baéza, P. Chartrin, T. Bordeau, M. Lessire, J.M. Thoby, V. Gigaud, M. Blanchet, A. Alinier and C. Leterrier

Effects of chronic heat stress on cellular immunity in Japanese quail

M. Norring, A. Valros, J. Valaja, H.-K. Sihvo, K. Immonen and E. Puolanne

Effects of keel bone fractures on individual productivity of laying hens

C. Rufener, S. Baur, A. Stratmann, H. Würbel, U. Geissbühler and M. Toscano

Effects of litter provision during early rearing and environmental enrichment during the production phase on feather pecking and feather damage in laying hens

F. M. Tahamtani, M. Brantsæter, J. Nordgreen, E. Sandberg, T.B. Hansen, A. Nødtvedt, T.B. Rodenburg, R.O. Moe, and A.M. Janczak

Elevated pre-natal corticosterone concentration disrupts bone development in Japanese quail

G.K. Longmoor, B. Brown, K.A. Spencer, C. Farquharson and S.L. Meddle

Epidemiological study about feather pecking in laying hens housed in free-range and furnished cage farms in France

J. Coton, M. Guinebretière, V. Guesdon, G. Chiron, C. Mindus, A. Laravoire, G. Dennery, M. Descombes, L. Balaine, M. Descamps, L. Bignon, A. Huneau-Salaün and V. Michel

Five shades of grey: cognitive bias in poultry

L. Kostal, M. Horvath and K. Pichova

Foot pad dermatitis is infrequent in Finnish broilers

L. Pohjola, P. Perko-Mäkelä and H. Nauholz

Monitoring individual chickens’ positions in a free-range area using Ultra-Wideband technology

L.M. Stadig, B. Ampe, J. Criel, J. Maselyne, T.B. Rodenburg, B. Reubens and F.A.M. Tuyttens

Monitoring laying hens’ range use with hen-mounted light sensors

S. Buijs, C.J. Nicol, F. Booth, G. Richards and J.F. Tarlton

Nesting behaviour of broiler breeders

A.C.M. van den Oever, T.B. Rodenburg, J.E. Bolhuis, L.J.F. van de Ven and B. Kemp

Network approach to stimulate and support practice-led on-farm innovations in the laying hen sector

T. van Niekerk, P. Baker, M. Mul, M. Plomp, J. Stokes, D. Temple, A. Wichman and J. Zak

Pre-slaughter thermal stress in broiler chickens and related risk factors

L. Jacobs, E. Delezie, L. Duchateau, K. Goethals and F.A.M. Tuyttens

Prolonged thymol dietary supplementation does not affect liver histomorphology of laying quail

M.E. Fernandez, M.C. Labaque, R.H. Marin, J.M. Kembro and M.L. Ballesteros

Relationship between a fitness-for-transport assessment of broilers before transportation and stress physiology

L. Jacobs, E. Delezie, L. Duchateau, K. Goethals, D. Vermeulen, J. Buyse and F.A.M. Tuyttens

Testing a dietary acute tryptophan depletion mixture in feather pecking birds

P. Birkl, J.B. Kjaer, W. Szkotnicki, P. Forsythe and A. Harlander-Matauschek

The effect of dark brooders on fearfulness and free-range use of slow-growing broiler chickens

L.M. Stadig, T.B. Rodenburg, B. Ampe, B. Reubens and F.A.M. Tuyttens

The effect of olive leaves and marigold extract on bone characteristics in broilers

D. Jordan, S. Žgur, J. Leskovec, A. Levart, J. Salobir and V. Rezar

The fractal organisation of ultradian rhythms in poultry behavior

D.A.Guzmán, A.G. Flesia, M.A. Aon, S. Pellegrini, R.H. Marin and J.M. Kembro

The GroupHouseNet COST Action: exploiting European synergy to reduce feather pecking in laying hens

T.B. Rodenburg, J. Berk, I. Dimitrov, J. Edgar, J.A.J. van der Eijk, I. Estevez, V. Ferrante, E.N. de Haas, L. Kostal, L. Liaubet, V. Michel, J. Nordgreen, S. Ozkan, D. Piette, K. Pichova, A.B. Riber, E. Sossidou, M. Toscano, A. Valros, M. Zupan and A.M. Janczak

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