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XXI European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat and the XV European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

XXI European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat and the XV European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

Bergamo, Italy, 15-19 September 2013

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Table of Contents


Full papers

Antibacterial activity of egg white: influence of physico-chemical conditions

N. Guyot, S. Jan, S. Réhault-Godbert, Y. Nys, M. Gautier and F. Baron

Broiler meat quality in different growing systems

V.S. Lukashenko, V.I. Fisinin and M.A. Lysenko

Carcass yield and meat quality in different broiler genetic lines

M. Denzler, H. Schäublin, M. Scheeder, C. Burren and P. Spring

Color stability of vacuum-packaged turkey bologna

S. Kartika, C. Barmore, P.L. Dawson and J.C. Acton

Consumer defined dimensions of egg quality

P.A. Parrott, K.E. Walley and P.R. Custance

Consumer defined dimensions of poultry meat quality

P.A. Parrott, K.E. Walley and P.R. Custance

Contamination of poultry products by environmental pollutants

C. Jondreville, A. Fournier, S. Jurjanz, E. Engel, J. Ratel, P. Marchand and A. Travel

Dirty eggs washing and disinfection effect on these eggs hatching qualities

A.Sh. Kavtarashvili, V.S. Lukashenko, T.N. Kolokolnikova and E.N. Novotorov

Effect of dietary rapeseed, linseed and fish oil on fatty acid content and sensory characteristics of broiler meat

P. Konieczka, E. Kostyra, F. Swiderski, J. Czerwinski, M. Czauderna and S. Smulikowska


Effect of organic minerals on broiler meat quality

A.A. Mendes, D.M. Rodrigues, C. Sanfelice, E.F. Aguiar, C. Bresne, B.C.S. Fernandes and M.R.F.B. Martins


Effect of the yolk ratio of hatching eggs, genotype and sex on some meat quality traits in broiler chicken

G. Milisits, T. Donkó, A. Dalle Zotte, M. Cullere, E. Szentirmai, I. Repa and Z. Süto

Effect of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and 25-OHD3 (25-hydroxycholecalciferol) on broiler meat quality

M.R.F.B. Martins, A.A. Mendes, E.F. Aguiar, C. Bresne, B.B. Martins and C. Sanfelice

Egg penetration ability of varius Salmonella serovars in washed and unwashed eggs

V.C. Gole, K.K. Chousalkar, J.R. Roberts, M. Sexton, D. May and A. Kiermeier

Enrichment of laying hens'egg in lutein and docosahexaenoic acid with microalgae

A. Mathiaud, C. Thabuis, C. Berthier-Schnebelen, E. Clerc, P. Sabre, A. Bourdillon and J.M. Lecerf

Estimation of the public health impact of setting a new target for the reduction of Salmonella in turkeys in the European Union

W. Messens, T. Hald, M. Hugas, G. Amore, L. Vivas-Alegre, J. Cortinas Abrahantes and A. Ricci

Evaluation of the effect of active packaging on poultry meat fillet shelf-life

A. Pezzuto, A. Piovesana, K. Rossetto, A. Gallina, M. Mancin, A. cereser and M. Favretti


Feeding laying hens diets with supplemental chelated trace minerals improves shell quality, tibia breaking strength and immune response

A. Bourdonnais, A. Ventura, M.K. Manangi, J. Richards, B. Wuelling, C. Atwell, P. Fisher, D. Knight and M. Vazquez-Amon

High phytase levels increase mineral deposition in egg yolks

M.F. Soto-Salanova, T. Tedeschi dos Santo, D. Camacho and E. Avila


Impact of betaine on performance and carcass quality of broilers

M.F. Soto-Salanova, T. Tedeschi dos Santos, M. Francesch and R. Ten Doeschate

Internal and eggshell quality of the eggs of Isa Brown hens in the pre-peak period

J.H. Stringhini, B.M. dos Santos, D.P. Carvalho, E.M. de Oliviera, J.S. Moreira, M.F. Pires and S.F. Pires

Is a hydrolysable tannin extracted from chestnut wood efficacious against necrotic enteritis?

T. Tosi, P. Massi, M. Antongiovanni, A. Buccioni, S. Minieri, L. Marenchino and M. Mele

Maintenance of shell colour in laying hens in free range production

J.R. Roberts, P. Scott, S. Samiullah, N. Fernanco and A.M. Anwar

Mechanically separated meat (MSM): EFSA assessment on public health risks and parameters for classification

A. Broglia, M. Hugas, D. Bolton, K. Kousoumanis, M. Michalski, M. Petracci, M. Upmann and N. Sofos

Microbial profile and stability of ground broiler chicken meat

Manpreet Singh, J.B. Hess, B. Saenmahayak, J. Smith, W.A. Dozier III and S.F. Bilgili

Novel insights in the pathogenesis and prevention of egg infections by Salmonella

R. Raspoet, S. Kilroy, F. Haesebrouck, R. Ducatelle and F.V. Immerseel

Ontology dedicated to livestock traits, an example on growth and meat products quality

J. Bugeon, E. Baéza, J.P. Brun, I. Cassar-Malek, A. Chatonnet, M.J. Duclos and X. Fernandez

Oxidative stability of ground broiler chicken meat

J.B. Hess, M. Singh, B. Saenmahayak, B.J. Smith and S.F. Bilgili

Polyamines content in meat of feathered game

H. Zdenka, V. Vladimir and M. Petr

Principal component multivariate analysis of egg quality measurements according to hen age, time of storage, conservation and genetic line

F.B. de Carvalho, R. de Morais Jardim Filho, M.S. Matos, N.S. Mogyca Leandro, M.B. Café, C.M. MacManus and J.H. Stringhini

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