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WPSA Proceedings

WPSA Proceedings

The National Agricultural Library (NAL) is working on the digitisation of the Proceedings of all the World's Poultry Congresses.
So far they have published the proceedings from the 1st till the 20th World's Poultry Congress.
Also the International Reviews of Poultry Science (1928-1940) are published on the NAL website.

You can find them on the website of the NAL.

Conference Proceedings

Starting in 2002, WPSA formulated a policy by which WPSA and the World’s Poultry Science Journal (WPSJ) would benefit most from the outcomes of the WPSA symposia and conferences. Briefly, the following is the result of the discussions and this procedure is now in force. 
The symposia and conference organisers can make their own arrangements for publishing proceedings for the registered delegates - presumably a book of abstracts and a CD-Rom of the full papers.
WPSJ will have the first option to publish any symposium papers that are suitable i.e. reviews.

Carcass characteristics of two different rooster breeds (Mos and Sasso-T44) slaughtered at 10 months

R. Montes, D. Franco, C.J. Rivero, M. Fernández, L. Purrinos and J.M. Lorenzo

Effect of production system (free range vs. barns) on growth parameters of Mos rooster breed

D. Franco, D. Rois, J.A. Vázquez, M. Fernandez, C.J. Rivero and J.M. Lorenzo

Physico-chemical, colour parameters and textural traits of raw duck breast

J.M. Lorenzo, R. González, R. Montes, L. Purrinos, S. Temperán and D. Franco

The use of fate waste in broiler nutrition

A.A. El-Deek, M.A. Al-Harthi and M.M. El Banoby

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