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WPSA has funds set aside for two Travel Grant programmes.

WPSA Travel Grant for young WPSA members and students

The Association has funds set aside for a limited number of travel grants. These are to provide international travel assistance for YOUNG WPSA members (both scientists and poultry producers) from developing countries and STUDENTS from developed countries to attend and participate in regional and global WPSA conferences.

WPSA Travel Grant programme for older scientists (>40 y) from developing countries

For many years, the WPSA Board has supported a travel grant programme for members 40 years of age and younger, to enable them to attend international WPSA-sponsored meetings in other countries. Application for these grants is open to WPSA members from both developing and developed countries. It is recognised that older scientists from developing countries, even those in relatively senior positions, frequently have considerable difficulty in finding funds to attend international meetings. It is even more difficult for scientists in this age group who have only recently obtained a higher degree. Because of the lack of available training opportunities, many scientists in developing countries are near to 40 by the time they obtain a higher degree and be in a position to present their work at international meetings. The value of interaction with other scientists with similar interests and expertise, is well recognised.

It is for these reasons that WPSA has instituted a new travel grant programme to assist older (>40 years) WPSA members from developing countries to attend and present a paper (oral or poster) at international meetings. The programme is designed to provide some financial assistance, NOT to cover the entire costs of the travel to and attendance at the meeting in question. As a not-for-profit organisation, WPSA has limited funds to allocate towards the programme, which means that the number of grants and the size of the individual grants, will not be great. Successful applicants are encouraged to use the grant as leverage in application for additional funding from the applicant's institution or other bodies.
The programme is competitive and applicants are required to provide information about their research, and current status and about their planned contribution to the meeting in question, as described below and on the application form. Successful applicants will be expected to provide on their return, a brief report on the meeting and on the benefits derived by their attendance.

All applications will be assessed by a travel grants assessment committee set up under the WPSA Board. The committee will make its recommendations to the Secretary, who will advise the applicants in due course.

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Travel Grants can only be requested for WPSA events.

Only WPSA members can apply.


Travel Grant application forms

Travel Grant Recipients


World's Poultry Congress, Beijing, China
Belgium, Mrs A. Molnar
Ghana, Mrs C.A.B. Brown
Ghana, Mrs. P.P.Y. Yeboah
India, Dr R.J. Rokade
Iran, Mr S.S. Bagheri Ghadikolaei
The Netherlands, Mr T. Khanal
Poland, M. Lason
USA, Mr H.A. Cordova

40+ application
Bangladesh, Mr M.N. Miah
Bangladesh, Mr. M.Y. Ali
India, r M.V.L.N. Raju
India, Dr S. Mishra
Iran, Dr J. Nasr
Indonesia, Prof Dr Y. Rizal
Indonesia, Mrs E. Suawa

Mediterranean Poultry Summit

40+ application
Greece, Prof E. Sossidou

PSA Meeting, New Orleans, USA
Australia, Mrs S.K. Qassim


IPPE Atlanta, USA
Brazil, Mrs M.L.M. de Moraes

UK Spring Meeting
Nigeria, Dr O.O. Adeleye

Euroepan Poultry Meat and Egg Symposia, France
Australia, Mr P. Sharma

40+ application
Indonesia, Dr M.E. Mahata

European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, Czech Republic
Bangladesh, Mr A.A. Bhuiyan
Bangladesh, Mrs A.A. Bhuyan

Potential for poultry production in developing countries, Antalya, Turkey
India, Dr V. Sankhyan


APPC, Korea
India, Dr A.S. Shinde
India, Dr S.A. Khulape
Iran, Mr M. Safari

4th MPS, Lebanon
Egypt: Mrs A.R. Refaee

40+ application
Egypt: Mr A.M.A. Abdel-Khalek

PSA Annual Meeting, USA
Egypt: Mr M. Abd El-Hamed
USA: Mr M.J.G. da Costa

EPC, Norway
China: Mrs L. Lia
China: Mr Z. Duan
Czech Republic: Mr V. Rada
Algeria: Dr O. Bennoune
Israel: Mr R. Yair
Pakistan: Mr M.M.H. Mushtaq

40+ application
Thailand: Mr K. Soisuwan
Thailand: Mrs Y. Ruangpanit


IC ME and Africa, Turkey
40+ application
Brazil, I. de Alencar Naas

World Waterfowl Conference, Vietnam
Australia, I.A. Malecki
Bangladesh, M.S. Islam
India, K. Gautham

40+ application
Nigeria, M.D. Ogah

Eggmeat Symposia, Italy
China, G. Li
Germany,  A.A. Abdel-Wareth
Russia, M.A. Lapa
USA, M.D. Crespo Rodriquez

European Symposium on Welfare, Sweden
Indonesia, Mrs M. Ulfah
Turkey, Mr U.S. Yamak

European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, Germany
Australia, A.A. Omede
India, A. Goel

40+ application
Indonesia, M.E. Mahata

8th Int. Poultry Show and Seminar, Bangladesh
Japan, M.M. Monir


Mediterranean Poultry Summit, Egypt
Bangladesh, M.E. Hossain
India, S. Katoch

WPC2012, Brazil
Hungary, A. Almasi
India, R.C. Kulkarni
Iran, A. Tatar
Argentina, D.J. Bueno
Ukraine, T.E. Tkachyk
Ukraine, S.O. Shopavalov
USA, G.R. Murugesan


Quotes from our Travel Grant Recipients

Mrs. Kleverwal and I asked all our travel grant recipients to check in at the Secretariat Office at WPC2016 in Beijing, China. As we reviewed their travel documents, I took the opportunity to ask them their impressions of the event, what the grant meant to them, and any exciting interactions they’d had. Click here for some of their remarks.

Dr F. Bradley

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