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Award winners 2012

To mark the success of the 1992 World’s Poultry Congress in Amsterdam the Netherlands Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association established a series of special scholarship awards. The awards, worth € 11,000 (currently about US$ 14 500) are normally made in each of three categories representing the WPSA’s three main areas of activity: Research, Education and Industry/Organization.

The Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science of the Netherlands Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association announced the fifth group of winners of these awards for 2012 at the XXIV World’s Poultry Congress in Salvador, Brazil.
In 2012, the awards went to Dr Jae Yong Han (Korea Republic) for research and to the Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre for education.
No awards were made this year in the Industry/Organization category.

Research Award

Han JYFor the past two decades, Dr Jae Yong Han’s major researches are avian germ cell biology and avian transgenic biotechnology. In his laboratory of Animal Genetic Engineering in Seoul National University, Korea, the analysis of specific gene expression patterns and regulation networks in chicken germ cells are conducting to figure out the mechanisms of avian germ cell development and differentiation. Dr Han has been focusing on the better understanding of the physiology of primordial germ cells (PGCs) and germ cells in vitro and in vivo using a chicken model. His lab has developed in vitro culture system of chicken PGCs and subsequently, established micromanipulation technology to elucidate the biology of avian germ cells in the fields of molecular expression and chimera production. His lab has also established chicken embryonic germ (EG) cell-derived pluripotent stem cells which are able to differentiate into various cell types of three germinal layers. Production of germline chimeras using chicken EG cells was an additional achievement. Based on knowledge of germ cells in avian species, he has reported the efficient transgenic system for bioactive compounds production and validation as well as improvement of economic traits for poultry industry. The award will enable him to provide stipend for graduate students, and also supportive for the presentation of data at conferences.

Education Award

Choct MinganThe Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) was established in 2003 and, after a successful seven-year first term, has received an extension through to mid-2017. Thirty-six Australian and international organisations participate in the Poultry CRC, permitting the CRC to cover over 95 percent of the Australian poultry industry. The CRC model encourages strong collaboration between industry and research organisations, ensuring innovative science is used to deliver practical outcomes to the poultry industry. The Poultry CRC’s research programmes are: health and welfare; nutrition and environment; and safe and quality food production. To date, Poultry CRC research activities have resulted in several novel vaccines, including a new live-attenuated vaccine against fowl cholera (Vaxsafe® PM), six patents and 28 rapid diagnostic tests. The Education Programme of the Poultry CRC has resulted in a major contribution to poultry-related education and training by targeting four key areas; University, Vocational Education and Training (VET), School, and Public education. Sustainable educational outcomes, such as the informative PoultryHub website, will be a significant legacy of the Poultry CRC.

Industry/Organization Award

No awards were made this year in the Industry/Organization category.

award winners 2012
The Chairman of the WPSA Scholarship Awards Committee, Dr P.C.M. Simons (left) and the two award winners for 2012, Dr Jae Yong Han (middle) and Professor Mingan Choct of the Australian Poultry CRC (right).

Award winners

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