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Award winners 2008

To mark the success of the 1992 World’s Poultry Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association established a series of special scholarship awards.
The awards, worth € 11,000 are normally made in each of three categories representing the WPSA’s three main areas of activity; Research, Education and Industry/Organization.
Award recipients or leaders of the group or organisation must have been members of the WPSA for at least two years prior to the World’s Poultry Congress at which the awards are presented.
The WPSA Scholarship Awards Committee, under the chairmanship of Dr Piet Simons, the Secretary of the WPSA, announced the third group of winners of these awards for 2008 at the XXIII World’s Poultry Congress in Brisbane, Australia.
In 2008, the awards went to Jason Shih for research, to the Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre for their work with industry, and the Dr B.V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management and Technology in India, for their educational programme.

Research Award

crc2008Jason Shih will use his scholarship to continue his work on enzymes in poultry nutrition. His research will focus on two specific areas; the mode of action of keratinase in the digestive tract, and the potential application of the commercial keratinase enzyme, Versazyme, in layer and turkey feeds. These species have much less data in this field compared to broiler chickens, and should yield some useful data for their respective industries. His work will include ileal digestibility, examining protein and amino acid breakdown, keratinase activity in different regions of the digestive tract, how it impacts on digestive tract development and the mode of action of the enzyme. The award will enable him to fund laboratory work, further animal trials and presentation of the data at conferences.

Education Award

The Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) was established in 2003, and is the largest poultry research organization in Australia. It has 22 participants, reflecting a strong cross-section of academics, industry and commercial producers, government departments and researchers. Its fields of interest include poultry physiology, nutrition, health, welfare and the environmental impact of production. From this work, major findings have been adopted by commercial companies, which, to date, include the development of seven novel vaccines, four new patents (with two more pending) and ten rapid diagnostic tests. The CRC’s strong links with academia has resulted in a major contribution to education. Due to its commitment and integration with industry, the CRC has won the 2008 WPSA award for this sector.

Industry/Organization Award

The Dr B.V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management and Technology in India is a non-profit making organization, unique in its geographical location for providing comprehensive training for poultry farmers and those working in poultry production. The Institute’s objective is to provide experience and skills in practical poultry management, with 25% of the training time being devoted to academic study and 75% being ‘hands on’ practical work. This is part of the basic theory of the training needed for successful poultry production in this region espoused by Dr. Rao himself. The institute is sponsored by the Poultry Development Promotion Council and Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group. The programmes for training offered include a basic educational programme and a specialized skills development, which cover varying levels of poultry management and related skills training. They also offer tailor made courses for farmers and allied industries, including farmers’ workshops. The WPSA award for education will be used by the Institute for updating training materials and organizing future conferences, seminars and workshops.

Award winners

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