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An 'International Poultry Hall of Fame' was established by action of the WPSA Executive Committee on August 10, 1984, for the purpose of recognising individuals who have contributed to the world-wide poultry industry above and beyond the call of duty. Recognition will be for a contribution or contributions in the international sector. Any person with any educational background, in any country is eligible for nomination and possible election to the IPHF. [World's Poultry Science Journal (1986) 42:288]. The following General Guidelines and Nomination and Election Procedures have been reproduced (with appropriate up-dating) from those previously published (ibid. page 289).

General guidelines

No one should be nominated to the IPHF whose international contribution(s) preceded the founding of the World's Poultry Science Association. Not more than five (5) persons, living or deceased may be elected to the IPHF and inducted at each World's Poultry Congress.
No monetary value will be placed on recognition. Those newly elected to the IPHF will be honoured at each World's Poultry Congress and, if in attendance, will be personally presented to the audience. Upon initial election to the IPHF, honourees will receive an appropriate plaque or other memento to mark the occasion. A photograph and citation will be published in the World's Poultry Science Journal and on the WPSA website.
The names of those to be inducted to the IPHF will remain unpublished (confidential) until announced at the next World's Poultry Congress. Confidentiality must be maintained throughout the nomination and selection process.
Those inducted to the IPHF will have their names published in the World's Poultry Science Journal and on the WPSA website at least once every four years (along with recipients of the MacDougall Medal and Honorary Life Members).

Nomination and selection procedures

Every WPSA branch with fewer than 100 members has the right to nominate one (1) person every four (4) years, or during the number of years between successive World's Poultry Congresses. Branches with 100 or more members will have the right to nominate two (2) persons. Nominations of current Board members are not permitted.
Nominations should be as brief as possible - in English - and state clearly the contributions of the candidate. The total length of a nomination document should not exceed two (2) typewritten pages. The nominations should be sealed, marked CONFIDENTIAL and posted in a covering wrapper to the WPSA Secretary General. As this is a confidential process, nominations cannot be accepted by e-mail.
There shall be a Selection Committee to screen nominations and cast votes for their selections from the list of nominees. The Selection Committee shall consist of the Board of WPSA chaired by the WPSA President. The Selection Committee may seek written advice from other WPSA members if this seems appropriate. All sealed ballots from the members of the Selection Committee will be opened by the Secretary General in the presence of at least two witnesses. These Guidelines and Rules may be amended by a majority vote of the Board.

Instruction Sheet for Hall of Fame Selection

  1. Nomination letters shall be sent to the WPSA Secretary General with a total of 11 duplicate copies.
  2. Nominations must be in the WPSA Secretary General's office no later than December 31 of the year preceding the World's Poultry Congress at which the successful nominees will be inducted.
  3. Nominators will be notified of the arrival of each nomination.
  4. The nominator agrees that if his or her nominee is selected, he or she will make every effort to provide the WPSA with a photograph of the highest quality available.
  5. All nominators will be advised of the final selection by a mailing at least 60 days before the coming World's Poultry Congress. However, the information should not be made public until a press release is issued at the time of the Congress.
  6. In the case of those nominees elected to the IPHF, nominators will be asked for a more detailed résumé of the honouree's career for publication in the World's Poultry Science Journal.
  7. The process of nomination and election is confidential and must be handled as such by all concerned.
  8. Any questions relating to the IPHF should be directed to the WPSA Secretary General.

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