Saturday, 4 April 2020
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The Treasurer has been in the Napa Valley of California for the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PePa) Meetings. As always, the Student Programme of PePa was sponsored by the United States Branch of WPSA. Historically, poultry students from California, Oregon, Utah, and Washington attend this event. This year, two WPSA Travel Grant recipients from our Mexico Branch, joined the student mix. Our Senior VP, Dr Buresh, was on hand to judge the Student Poster Competition and assist me (PePa Student Programme Chair) at the Awards Ceremony.

The WPSA-sponsored students from the University of Guadalajara: Jocelyn Barba and Maria Trujillo, were great representatives of their University and their home WPSA Branch. Both students presented posters, participated in the full convention programme, the student activities, networked with poultry scientists and producers, and even tasted a little of the famous Napa Valley wine!

I am delighted to see more students applying from our Latin Branches. Both Jocelyn and Maria have been charged with promoting the programme to classmates and assisting them with future travel grant applications. Being around these students for the entire convention and seeing how they took advantage of every educational opportunity, I can say that WPSA funds were well spent.

Quote from Jocelyn Barba Rodriguez, Mexico

During my stay in California attending the PEPA convention, I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people with a lot of experience in the poultry industry thanks to Dr Bradley. The lectures were really interesting in which they clarified me what was the role of Mexico in the world industry, I especially enjoyed the conference of Jim Summer, President of the United States Export Council for Birds and Eggs. With its motto ‘Poultry and eggs from the United States feed the world’. I think Mexico has the potential to overcome the parameters that have taxes today. The other conferences were topics on which we may not yet worry in Mexico because we have different objectives. On the second day of the conferences I was interviewed by Mr John Bedell from J. S. West Milling Co. and I got an experience about job interviews, I also had the opportunity to meet and discuss the work of Mr Dave Crockett; I had the honour of making two good friends, Miss Alejandra Figueroa and Myrna Cadena of Davis University, who gave me a little tour of their workplace and their medicine unit. In summary, the experience was enriching in many ways, I met many people with an impressive trip, I have been very fortunate, I would like to thank them for making it possible for me to have the opportunity to go so far.

Quote from Maria Trujillo

I want to thank you for the opportunity that WPSA provided to me. Having attended the PePa Convention has been a truly gratifying experience in my life.
The entire event was quite interesting, from the student poster presentations (my participation in these poster presentations goes without saying), the informational sessions, and the debate between the students over the poultry case reports. Every moment left me with new knowledge which adds to my experience as a future professional in the avian sciences.
In terms of the sessions, I want to mention that the presentation I found very inspirational was that of Marilyn Dolan and Hinda Mitchell titled ‘Social Media, don’t be a hater’, because social media is a good diffuser of information to initiate a campaign in Mexico about the importance of avian production. In this way, the population will value its labour as well as the food that is produced.
During the convention, I had the pleasure of meeting many poultry producers and avian scientists. The individuals I remember most and with whom I had the opportunity to interact were Dr Rocio Crespo, DVM from the Avian Health & Food Safety Lab, WA and Dr Rodrigo Gallardo, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. I was also able to interact closely with Dave Crockett and his wife, Julie Crockett, business partners of NuCal Foods, an important company for the poultry industry. I had the opportunity to network with students from different universities and I am pleased to say that I made good relationships with some of them, for example, Alejandra Figueroa and Myrna Cadena from the University of California, Davis, as well as Rodrigo López and Cirenio Hisasaga from California State University, Fresno.
Of course, I cannot fail to mention that the experience touring through Napa and the nearby towns was wonderful. Visiting the places that our new friends from UC Davis took us throughout the university and the city of Davis was equally amazing. I returned to Mexico with a piece of California in my heart.
Once again, I greatly appreciate this opportunity.


Dr Francine Bradley

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