Monday, 20 May 2019
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News Archive

1948 - 2017

schangIt is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Marcelo J. Schang, a long term member of WPSA Branch Argentina. Marcelo Schang passed away on August 22nd of 2017. Our branch lost one of its very dear and most loyal members.
Marcelo was a retired researcher of the National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) of Argentina, former Chairman of the Argentinean Branch of WPSA (1998-2008), Honorary President of the Branch since 2008 and a friend of the poultry industry and of all the colleagues who work for it.
He was an internationally renowned scientist specialized in the field of poultry nutrition. His expertise in these areas is reflected by his significant contributions. He obtained his degree of Engineer in Animal Production in 1971 (UCA) and his degree of Master of Sciences in 1975 (UNMdP). As Visiting Scientist, he was received by the Animal Research Institute - University of Guelph (Canada), the Salonic University (Greece), INRA (France) and SAC (Scotland).
Head of Poultry Section, Head of Animal Department and Coordinator of Non-Ruminant National Research Program during his professional activity at INTA, he also was an International consultant for IICA, BIRD, PNUD, Swedish Agency for Development, Winrock International and World Bank. Member of the Scientific Boards of Argentinean Feed Manufactures (CAENA) and Argentinean Poultry Producers (CAPIA & CEPA), he also did a great job as President of the Scientific Committee of 2011 Latin-American Poultry Congress (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
He was proud to be recipient of two awards during the last years, the Outstanding Poultry Professional Award from The Latin American Poultry Association (ALA) in 2005 and the Annual Award for his Contributions to the Argentinean Animal Feed Industry from The Board of Argentinean Feed Manufactures (CAENA) in 2011.
Marcelo is survived by his wife, his son and daughter and two grandchildren, and is going to be dearly missed by all his friends, relatives and colleagues here and abroad.



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