Wednesday, 20 March 2019
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The UK Branch was represented by Dr Aidan Leek at the 2015 meeting of European Working Group 2 (WG2), which was held in conjunction with the Prague European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition. The main role of WG2 is to support branches in hosting the nutrition symposium. The 2015 symposium was very well attended with the highest number of registered delegates ever recorded at 1050. Many of these delegates were from outside Europe, which really highlights that the conference is being globally recognised as a leading forum for poultry nutrition. This raises the challenge of ensuring European WPSA interests remain the priority of the meeting, and WG2 agree that the conference should continue to have a strong emphasis on European poultry nutrition, and they will look for ways to increase student attendance at future meetings. For the first time delegates were asked upon registration about their desire to participate in discussions groups, regarded by WG 2 as a key part of the conference. This lead to around 30% of delegates registering for discussion groups with a further increased on this during the conference. Although this was a relatively small proportion of the total registered group it did mean that discussion groups were well organised by enthusiastic members. The scientific program of the invited speakers was excellent and future meetings need to continue to attract fresh review papers across a range of topics. In some more specialist areas there is a lot of interest from delegates but it is a real challenge to find speakers, such as duck, turkey and even laying hen topics. A short video giving a taste of the conference is available on as well as the full conference proceedings on this occasion. The next ESPN is May 8-11th 2017 near Barcelona, Spain with further meetings in planning for Poland in 2019 and Italy in 2021.

Report Summary by Aidan Leek, UK

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