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castelloJosé A. Castelló was born in Barcelona in 1930. He graduated as Poultry Expert in 1950 at the Royal Poultry School, at that time headed by his father, Federico Castelló.

He joined the School in 1953, helping his father in the farm and at administration. In 1957 he got an international Cooperation Administration scholarship from the United States and he spent several months at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Indiana.
In 1959 he published his first book “Alimentación de las gallinas” (Laying Hen Nutrition), being out of print very soon. From 1959 onwards he has been teaching Poultry Nutrition and Systems of Production at the School. He became the Director after the death of his father, in 1973.
Professor Castelló was one of the founders of the WPSA Spanish Branch, in 1961, being its Secretary from then until November 2001. He was Co-Secretary of the XIV World's Poultry Congress, held in Madrid in 1970, where he was elected as President of the WPSA for the term 1970 to 1974.
He has been the author or co-author of 21 books on Poultry and Rabbits. From 1969 he has been leading a group of 12 people writing a huge "Tratado de Avicultura” (Poultry Encyclopedia) in 6 books and 2,454 pages, completing the last one in 1995.
In 1975 he promoted the Exhibition "Expoaviga", held in Barcelona the first time in November, being elected its President. Since then he has been a member of its Executive Committee every 2 years.
Prof. Castelló has given lectures, in Spain, in United States, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, México, New Zealand and Brazil. He has attended all the World Poultry Congresses and European Poultry Conferences since 1960 and he has being leading over 100 research projects on poultry nutrition and poultry husbandry.

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