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shaverDonald McQueen Shaver was born in Cambridge, Ontario, on August 12, 1920. He attended the Galt Primary School and the Galt Collegiate Institute, receiving a diploma from the latter in 1937.
Since the early 1930's he has demonstrated his love for chickens. At the age of 15 he bred a pen of layers that was the best at the Canadian National Egg Laying Test, conducted at the Experimental Farms in Ottawa, Ontario.

His formal business association with the poultry industry began prior to World Ware II as the owner and manager of Grand Valley Breeders Hatchery in Galt. His business career was interrupted for six years of service as a Lt. Colonel in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps in Europe.
Following the war he started the Shaver Poultry Breeder Farms Ltd., in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. In 1985, after more than 39 years with the company he founded, he stepped down as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
In addition to his own business, he has served as a director or officer of several other companies, including the Gore Mutual Insurance Co., the Gore General Insurance Co., the Massey Combines Corporation, and Deemcque Investments Ltd. He is an Honorary Member, Emeritus, of the Poultry Science Association, as well as a member of numerous other associations and public service organizations.
Although not formally educated at the collegiate level, the academic community acknowledged his personal achievements with its highest recognition when McGill University awarded him the degree Honorary Doctor of Science at Quebec, Canada, in 1983.
The business organization which Donald Shaver established has occupied a prominent place in the poultry industry on a world wide basis. This is in no small part due to his ability to organize and motivate other by setting high personal standards, and expecting others to meet these.
His goal has always been to produce the best product, and to be a leader in making it feasible for people in all parts of the world to benefit from the advances brought forth by his company. e took an active role in setting up many private as well as government enterprises designed for people everywhere to have and exploit the potential performance of stocks developed by his company. He and members of his staff regularly visited and consulted with unites of the more then 90 countries through which his organization worked and, in turn, members of the international staffs came to Canada to see and learn the Shaver methods. A keen advocate and supporter of research, especially at the University of Guelph and Cornell and the Research Branch of the Canadian Department of Agriculture, Donald Shaver has also promoted poultry education at many levels. This has included the provision of scholarships for graduate study and, most recently, the funding of a Research Chair in Biotechnology at MacDonald college of McGill University.
Now technically retired, he continues in many activities, including that of Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph.

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