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richardsonMrs Richardson started her career as a poultry economist at Manchester University in 1948. As a result of her work, the University became the academic centre for research into the economics of egg and poultry meat production and marketing in the UK. Later, she developed her work into studies on an international basis. Her work is well known throughout the world. Altogether, she has published 156 papers in learned journals.

In 1957, she received the singular honour of being appointed as the Sir John Eastwood Senior Fellow of Manchester University. Sir John Eastwood had presented the University with a substantial grant which financed her research project to investigate the contribution which eggs and poultry meat could make, as a source of protein, towards solving the world food problem. One of her outstanding papers on this subject was presented at the Rio de Janeiro WPSA Congress in 1978; another was her study of the UK Broiler Industry 1960-75. Mrs Richardson was appointed as an Hon. Fellow of Manchester University in 1982.
She is probably best known in the international field for her research into economic aspects of the international poultry industry and particularly the encouragement she has given to the development of research into the economics of the poultry industry within the WPSA, which in earlier years had been rather a neglected field. Her aim has been not only to develop research but also to draw the attention of governments and international organisations to the importance of the poultry sector within the agricultural industry. She has worked closely with international organisations such as FAO, IFAP and the EEC Commission.
So far as WPSA is concerned, she has been a strong supporter and active member of WPSA as a Council Member of the UK Branch and the World Council, as well as being invited to present plenary and symposium papers at World Congresses. She was also honoured by WPSA by being invited to establish the Economics and Marketing Working Group (Working Group 1) of the European Federation, which she chaired from 1976-86. She has also encouraged interdisciplinary cooperation between poultry scientists and poultry economists. Previously the economic implications of scientific research had often been ignored.
Her work in the international field is also well known, with the establishment of the International Egg Commission in 1962 in Sydney, when she was invited to present her paper "The Establishment of a World Secretariat for the Compilation of International Egg Statistics" at the First World Egg Marketing conference held in Sydney. She was especially concerned that many problems of the international egg industry were due to lack of knowledge and particularly statistical information. She was appointed as the Statistician to IEC, since when she has established IEC's statistical service, which regularly publishes international statistics reports. The IEC Chick Placement Report (monthly publication) provides the international industry with an early warning system of likely changes in production trends - a very important guide to producers and traders throughout the world. Each year, under her supervision, the International Production and Market Review is also published (six-monthly). This provides situation and outlook information on an international basis covering all the IEC countries. She is the Chairman of the International Egg Commission's Economics and Statistics Committee as well as being a Member of the Executive Committee.
Mrs Richardson has not only researched the egg and broiler industries in many countries, but also the turkey industry. At first her studies covered the UK, for which she was honoured by being given the Tenby Award by the British Turkey Federation. Later as part of the Eastwood Research Project she presented papers covering the international turkey industry to WPSA Conferences and later she published some important studies of the industry with detailed reports covering the industry in France and Italy.
Altogether, Mrs Richardson has made a significant contribution to the development of research in the poultry economics field on an international basis well beyond the call of duty in her normal work. Her aim has been to widen knowledge for the benefit of poultry economists, scientists and especially poultry farmers. Coming from a farming family, she has always been mindful that progress can only be achieved by the interchange of knowledge between scientists and the farming community. Arising from her unstinting work, her greatest achievement has been in spreading knowledge of egg and poultry economics and marketing throughout the world.

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