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havermannHeinrich Havermann, born on the 29th of January, 1909 in Benrath near Düsseldorf, dedicated a substantial part of his life's work to poultry and poultry science. Following his studies in agricultural and zoology at the universities of Kiel and Bonn, in 1935 he began his scientific career as Assistant in the Institute for Animal Breeding and Animal Feeding of the University of Bonn. He completed his doctoral studies in 1939.

With his dissertation "The Rhineland Poultry Pedigree Breeding and its importance for Poultry Breeding in the Region" he made a valuable contribution to the intensively pursued breeding performance in poultry with the help of the Pedigree Breeding Book.
His scientific activity was interrupted during the war. He was able to take it up again in 1945 and completed his Habilitation in 1946 at the University of Bonn in the discipline of Animal Breeding and Animal Feeding. His appointment as a supplementary Professor followed in 1947 and he was made Extraordinary Professor in 1950. At the same time he was assigned the Chair in Small Animal Breeding and Management. In 1954 he was appointed Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Animal Breeding and Animal Feeding. He continued in this position until his untimely death on November 22, 1971.
For 35 years Heinrich Havermann exerted an extraordinarily broad influence in the field of animal breeding research. It is especially important to recognize that, in spite of the multiple demands made on him, he continued to promote the field of poultry management and research. Many works in the broad area of rearing, management and feeding of poultry were produced by Dr Havermann and his students. One of the accomplishments in his Institute was the establishment of methods for conducting modern laying and feed utilization tests in Germany. At an early date he installed modern equipment for data processing and the evaluation of research in his Institute, and he initiated and promoted numerous research reports, diploma theses and doctoral dissertations, particularly relating to poultry feeding and management.
The reestablishment of German poultry science and its international recognition were due in large measure to the efforts of Heinrich Havermann. As a result of his various contacts with large numbers of poultry researchers in Europe and overseas countries it was possible to establish in 1951 the German Branch of WPSA and to gain close contact with other Branches and poultry specialists. For 20 years, from 1952 to his death he served as President of the German Branch of the WPSA.
In addition he was co-founder of the internationally recognized journal "Archiv fur Geflügelkunde" and served as co-editor from 1952 until 1971.
He lent his broad experience to numerous committees of the German and international poultry industry where not only his technical expertise but also his skill as a negotiator were sought after and appreciated. It gave him great pride to see many of his students holding important positions in the poultry industry and poultry science.

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