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President Dr S. Sriboonsue
Senior Vice-President Mr Chuang Ma (China)
Junior Vice-President Dr Nasir Mukhtar (Pakistan)
Secretary and Treasurer Dr M. Chamruspollert
Soi Charoen Rat 18
Khwaeng Khlong Ton Sai
Khet Khlong San
Phone: +66 02-8603773-4
Fax: +66 02-8603775

The Federation was formed along the lines of the European Federation at a meeting in Singapore in 1981, following initiatives mainly by the Australian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and New Zealand branches. The first President was Mr Noel Robertson (NZ) and the first Secretary-Treasurer Mr Milton Watt (NZ).
The first Regional Seminar under the Federation's name was held in Adelaide, Australia, in conjunction with the Fifth Australasian Poultry and Stock Feed Convention. Subsequent Federation Seminars and Conferences are listed below. At the meeting in Seoul (Korea) in 1993 the name of the Federation was changed to Asian Pacific.
The Federation follows the practice of changing the President and Secretary-Treasurer every four years and ensuring the rotation of these office-bearers among the active branches of the Federation. These officers are listed below.
The following branches of the WPSA are now members of the Federation: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Asian Pacific Federation Seminars and Conferences

First 1983 Adelaide Australia
Second 1985 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Third 1987 Hamilton New Zealand
Fourth 1990 Taipei Taiwan
Fifth 1993 Seoul Korea
Sixth 1998 Nagoya Japan
Seventh 2002 Brisbane Australia
Eight 2007 Bangkok Thailand
Ninth 2010 Taipei Taiwan
Tenth 2014 Jeju Island Korea
Eleventh 2018 Bangkok Thailand
Twelfth 2022   China

Officers of the Federation of Asia Pacific Branches of WPSA


1981 - 1985
Mr Noel Robertson (NZ)
1985 - 1990
Dr Bruce L. Sheldon (Australia)
1990 - 1994
Dr Bong Kug Ohh (Korea)
1994 - 1998
Dr K. Tanaka (Japan)
1998 - 2002
Dr Rowland H.H. Huang (Taiwan)
2002 - 2018
Mr Alan Gibbins (New Zealand)
2018 -
Dr S. Sriboonsue (Thailand)


1981 - 1985
Mr Milton Watt (NZ)
1985 - 1990
Mr R. Macindoe (Australia)
1990 - 1994
Dr M.U. Lee (Korea)
1994 - 1998
Dr Jun-Ichi Okumura (Japan)
1998 - 2002
Mr C.H. Chao (Taiwan)
2002 - 2007
Mr Blake J. Camden (New Zealand)
2007 - 2016
Mr Don Thomas (New Zealand)
2016 - 2018
Mr M. Abdollahi (New Zealand)
2018 -
Dr M. Chamruspollert (Thailand)

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