Sunday, 17 February 2019
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The exact history of the WG 10 is really not known to me. In 1999, I was asked by Piet Simons, if I was willing to revive the activity of the WG10. At that time we had organized several International Symposia on Turkey Diseases in Berlin, so my answer was yes.

From 2000 until now the WG 10 has held their scientific meetings on a regular basis in Berlin, Germany. The first Symposium with the title 'Turkey production in Europe in the New Millennium' was held in November 2000 and attracted 103 delegates from 15 European countries, in addition some participants from Canada. Then, in February 2003 the 2nd Symposium with Title 'Turkey production: Balance act between consumer protection, animal welfare and economic aspects' was held and attracted 187 participants from 22 countries. Since then the meeting got an international character and attracted colleagues from countries outside Europe and in 2005 we invited colleagues from world-wide to participate in the 3rd International symposium on Turkey production (Meeting of WG10). In June 2005, the symposium with the title 'Turkey production: Prospects on future developments' had 176 participants from 27 countries. In June 2007 the 4th International symposium with the title 'Turkey production: Current changes' attracted a similar number of participants from 24 countries. The trend continued in May 2009 at the 5th Symposium with title 'Turkey production: 'Toward better Welfare and Health'. The coming 6th International Symposium is planned to be held in June 2011 in Berlin. In each symposium well known keynote speakers were invited beside several oral presentations chosen from submitted papers were included. Neither parallel nor poster sessions were included.

In total over the last 9 years, 156 papers were published in 5 proceeding books with 1303 page. The papers covered the history, development and current situation of the turkey industry, aspects of nutrition, disease, management, genetics and welfare. These papers provided useful economic and commercial details for anyone tracking the changes in turkey meat production.

Although, or perhaps especially because, the turkey business and research on turkey production and health are very small compared to chicken, it is important for poultry minor species like turkey to have such a Symposium dealing only with turkey production and health. The number of participants is steady over the years and ranged between 170 and 190 delegates from 24 to 27 countries, which confirms the important of the activity of the WG 10.

Further details of WG 10 activities can be obtained from the chairperson:
Prof. Hafez Mohamed Hafez (Germany)
E-mail: .

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