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WG 11 was established at Helsinki in 1984. Chairman was Dr. F.W. Klein, and Secretary was Ir. H.H.M. Zeelen. In 1990, during the WPSA congress at Barcelona, Dr. Klein resigned as chairman, Dr. Zeelen acted as chairman and secretary. It was decided to organize the EDP symposium in cooperation with WG 1, however, it was cancelled due to lack of interest. In 1992, the planned 1 day conference was also cancelled and it was discussed that there was a lack of enthusiasm for the WG11 because education and extension are integrated in other aspects. During the period 1992 – 1998, Ir. J.L. Leidekker has acted as chairman and Ir. H.H.M. Zeelen as secretary.

The “European Symposium on Transfer of Knowledge in Poultry Production”, held in Utrecht, during VIV in 1997, enrolled 50 participants. During the symposium, the future of WG 11 was discussed. The conclusion was that it is very advisable to combine WG1 and WG11 and to draw up a programme for the new Working Group that covers the activities of both working groups. Efforts to find a new chairman and secretary to form the new Working Group failed.

Until the WPC2004 in Istanbul there were no activities of WG11. In 2004, Prof. Servet Yalçın agreed to serve as the chairman and Dr. F. Leenstra as secretary. The group restarted with 10 new members. Aims and objectives of the WG11 were set out.
The WG decided not to organise specific symposia but organise sessions during the WPSA congress and symposia. During the EPC2006 in Verona, Italy, a workshop on “Education and Technology Transfer” was organised. The workshop consisted of 5 invited speakers and 7 posters. The workshop had about 80 participants with stimulating discussions. In the annual group meeting of WG11, Prof Servet Yalcin was re-elected as chairperson of the Working Group for the next term.

In 2007, WG11 was asked whether and in which way they could help to promote the activities of the Mediterranean group. A “Mediterranean Poultry Network Group” which will act under the management and control of the WG11, was established and the goal and structure of the group was approved by WPSA. The aim of the group is to coordinate the events of the next Mediterranean Summits of WPSA that would be held in any of the countries facing the Mediterranean Sea with an official WPSA branch and spread scientific and technical knowledge, to create its own mailing list and generate Newsletters. The First and Second Mediterranean Summits of WPSA were held in Greece and Turkey, respectively, and the third summit will be held in Egypt in 2011.

WG 11 aimed to overview of courses in poultry science of European universities. A database was prepared and completed surveys were received from 5 European countries and Australia, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece and USA. To summarize the survey’s results two papers were prepared by the group; one for First Mediterranean Poultry Summit of WPSA, held in Greece and one for WPC2008, held in Australia.
WG11 members have contributed to EPC 2010 programme (Tours, August 2010) by presenting three invited papers as following: (1) "Introducing the Mediterranean Poultry Network of WPSA", (2) "Poultry Science Education and its Interaction with Research and Industry" and (3) "Building a Skilled Workforce in Poultry Industry through Lifelong Learning Programmes". Moreover, group members presented four oral presentations during the Conference.

During the WG11 General Meeting held during the EPC2010, Dr E.N. Sossidou (Greece) has been elected as the new Chairperson of the WG11 for the next term.

By 2010 WG11 has 19 members from 12 countries.

Further details of WG 11 activities can be obtained from the chairperson:
Dr Evangelia N. Sossidou

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