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Texas A&M University, USA

The Poultry Meat Production Certificate programme is a non-transcripted online certificate programme in Poultry Science in the area of Poultry Meat Production. This programme is designed for those individuals who are seeking to increase their knowledge about poultry meat production. The certificate requires the satisfactory completion of four poultry science courses:

General Avian Science - Introduction to the poultry industry to include past, present and future industry dynamics; avian anatomy/physiology as they impact commercial production; management principles and practices of breeding, incubation, brooding, nutrition, disease control and marketing technology.

Poultry Meat Production - Modern integrated broiler and turkey production; housing and equipment, flock health, pest control, grower relations, marketing and financial management.

Breeder & Hatchery Management - Housing and equipment, incubation technology, embryology, nutrition and flock health.

Animal Waste Management - An applied approach to current and emerging issues relating to responsible management of animal waste; the role of biological aspects of production management decisions evaluated in an examination of regulatory and environmental requirements; current case studies and exposure to field situations.
All courses are taught by members of the Poultry Science faculty and are completely online.

For more information, please visit http://posc.tamu.edu/agenciesindustry/poultry-meat-production-certificate/ 

Or contact Liz Hirschler at  

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