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WVEPAH is a new branch of the “European Association for Veterinary Specialization” (EAVS), a non-profit organization registered in Luxembourg since 1989. In 1992 EAVS created the “European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies” (ESAVS, offers high quality continuing education and is officially affiliated with the University of Luxembourg. WVEPAH has a similar structure as the ESAVS and is also affiliated with and supported by the OIE and includes OIE standards and regulations in its training programmes.

Participants of WVEPHA programmes acquire new skills and knowledge which they can immediately apply in their daily field activities.

  • WVEPAH programmes consist of a series of courses in a particular field of poultry health and production. A typical study programme is composed of 3 residential Courses of 10 days duration each, with web based distance learning modules in between the courses. Courses include lectures, discussions, demonstrations, cases presentations and laboratory work. Special emphasis is given on how to investigate field problems, including data analysis and laboratory test interpretation.
  • Each course is taught by course masters who are internationally recognized specialists in their field and have excellent didactic skills.
  • The target audience consists of professionals with an academic degree in veterinary or agronomic studies.
  • The courses are designed for those professionals in the poultry industry who wish to broaden their knowledge in the area of poultry health and production with strong emphasis on health management. Intensive training is provided at an advanced level with major emphasis on a case oriented and problem-solving approach.
  • Subject to evaluation by the WVEPAH course masters, previous training and experience can enable participants to enter the programme in the second module.
  • Participants also have the possibility to pursue a certificate. After completion of the second module, which includes a section on regulation taught by the OIE, they can take an examination in order to obtain a: Certificate in Production Animal Health: *Poultry Production and Health*which is validated by the OIE.

List of courses, locations, dates, registration conditions see:

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