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There are two types of membership - National Branch and Non-Branch member. Because of the many benefits, most members of the WPSA belong to a branch. This arrangement is strongly encouraged by the Association. Non-Branch membership is intended mainly for those who live in countries which do not have a National Branch. National Branches are listed. However, please note that where there is no WPSA branch it is possible, by agreement, to join the Association through the branch of another country.

Branch membership

Because each branch normally makes an additional charge to cover its own administration costs and any programme of activities it may undertake, subscriptions vary between branches. The amounts payable by branches to the 'parent organization' for each type of membership are shown in the Appendix to the Constitution.

Individual membership
Any person who is, or has been, engaged in any activity connected with the poultry industry and is interested in its objectives may become a member of the Association. To become a member simply apply to your local WPSA Branch Secretary. The names and addresses of Branch Secretaries are also printed in each issue of the WPS Journal.
Affiliate membership
Associations, societies, institutions, clubs etc., or commercial organizations connected with poultry industry activities are entitled to become Affiliatge members. Affiliates may designate one person as a representative who shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of an individual member except becoming a member of Council or holding office.
Student membership
Student membership may be held by bona fide poultry students, while they are studying at universities, colleges and agricultural institutes.
Life membership
Individuals may become Life Members through a Branch in return for a once only payment.

Non-branch membership

To become a Non-Branch Member of the WPSA, application should be made to the WPSA Secretary: Ir Peter van Horne, Secretary, WPSA, PO Box 31, 7360 AA Beekbergen, The Netherlands, e-mail: .

Dues (apart from Life Membership) are levied every two years so as to reduce administration costs and bank charges. We prefer payment by Western Union. For details please contact the WPSA secretariat.

Membership dues

Since 1991 the membership dues have been US$ 15.-- per member per year. In many meetings this fee has been discussed. Any increase in the cost of membership would be difficult for most people in developing countries. After further wide ranging discussion the following compromise was agreed. Starting in 1999 the schedule of membership dues will be as set out below (for an experimental period).

  High income countries Low income countries
Individual members 20.00 US$ 10.00 US$
Affiliate members 50.00 US$  50.00 US$ 
Student members  10.00 US$  5.00 US$
Life members  500.00 US$ once only  250.00 US$ once only 

Membership dues for Non-Branch Members shall be:

  High income countries Low income countries
Individual members 50.00 US$ 30.00 US$
Affiliate members 120.00 US$  120.00 US$ 
Student members  25.00 US$  20.00 US$
Life members  650.00 US$ once only  650.00 US$ once only 


The membership dues for low income countries apply to members in those countries listed in the most recent International Monetary Fund Yearbook as having a per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 4000 SDR or less (SDR is the weighted exchange limit of account used by the IMF).

Membership benefits

  • World's Poultry Science Journal
    (published four times/year)
  • Reduced fee for:
    • World's Poultry Congresses
    • Congresses and Symposia of Federations
  • Branch meetings
  • E-mail WPSA Newsletter
  • Travel Grant Programme
  • Speakers' Bureau
  • WPSA Awards

Membership form

Download here the membership application form.

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