Sunday, 16 June 2019
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Deadline for submission of Branch Development Proposals is January 1st!

Deadlines for submission of Travel Grants is at least three months prior to the meeting!

Deadlines for submission of Speakers' Bureau applications is at least two months prior to the meeting! 

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In the Board meeting held during WPC2016 in Beijing, China, the Board decided to increase the funds available for Branch Development by making a ...
The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH) organization organizes several new Courses. Module I: Key Disciplines in ...
Taylor & Francis are proud to announce a new publishing partnership with the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA). From January 2020, ...
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hupkes henk cropOn Sunday November 25, 2018 the Dutch branch of the WPSA lost her charismatic member Henk Hupkes. Henk started his poultry career at Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. in 1982: his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University Delft provided a good basis for his diverse tasks. Henk provided an indispensable bridge between a poultry processing equipment manufacturer and the scientific world. In 1982 became member of WPSA NL and he was member of the Board of WPSA NL from 1986 to 1992. He was member of the organizing committee of the successful WPC 1992 in Amsterdam, after which he became member and secretary of the Board of the Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science until his death in November 2018. From 1982 to 2010 he attended about all WPC’s and EPC’s, as well as the symposia of Working Group 5 (Poultry Meat). In all cases his presence was undeniable due to his eagerness to learn, his friendly and optimistic attitude, and his laughter. Since 2015 Henk suffered from cancer, a battle he couldn’t win. He finally lost the battle at the age of 71 years. Henk is badly missed by his loved ones and his many friends inside and outside the W PSA. He is remembered with respect, warmth and gratitude.

Articles in upcoming Journals

  • Bozidar Milosevic - Machine learning application in growth and health prediction of broiler chickens
  • Rajesh Chhabra - Toll like receptors and cytokines as immunostimulatory adjuvants in poultry vaccines: current status and future trends
  • Karim El-Sabrout - Does magnetised drinking water influence poultry's health and production?
  • Bethany Baker - When pain and stress interact: looking at stress-induced analgesia and hyperalgesia in birds
  • Dragana Ljubojevic - The role, importance and toxicity of arsenic in poultry nutrition
  • Luis Sarmiento Franco - Slow-growing male chickens fit poultry production systems with outdoor access

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