Tuesday, 27 September 2016
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20-21 April 2017Wageningen, The NetherlandsCourse Nutrition and (hot) climate in poultry Are you ready to broaden and deepen your knowledge and ...
In 2015, WPSA awarded Mariana Moraes, a doctoral student in Brasil, a Travel Grant to present her research at the scientific meetings in Atlanta ...
The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH) organization organizes two new Courses. WVEPAH Specialty Course: Turkey Health ...

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Articles in upcoming Journals

  • Dragana Ljubojevic - The role of gulls (Laridae) in the emergence and spreading of antibiotic resistance in the environment
  • Sophie Lee-Inositol - An effective growth promotor
  • Chunchun Han - Research progress on the importance of incubation temperature for duck egg hatching and poultry production
  • Maryam Royan - Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ), a key regulatory gene of lipid metabolism in chicken
  • Osman Olgun - Nutritional factors affecting the breaking strength of bone in laying hens
  • Sabir Subhan - Avian metapneumovirus infection in poultry: an updated review
  • Colin Whitehead - A brief history of poultry nutrition over the last hundred years
  • Renata Oliveira - Lighting programmes and its implications for broiler chickens
  • Peter Surai - Vitagenes in poultry production: Part 1. Technological and environmental stresses
  • Peter Surai - Vitagenes in poultry production: Part 2. Nutritional and internal stresses
  • Peter Surai - Vitagens in poultry production: Part 3. Vitagene concept development
  • Maikano Ari - Promoting the proliferation of beneficial microbial populations in chickens
  • Rehman - Interaction of infectious bursal disease virus with the immune system of poultry

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